My Final Thoughts On Eco Styler Gel

*photo shows my results*

So, I tried the Eco Styler yesterday! I know you are wondering….

I actually loved the results.  I was really nervous about putting it in my hair though. You know, I have used the same products for so long, the thought of doing anything else is always a little creepy.  It took the same amount of time for my hair to dry, literally half of the day.  When my hair finally dried, I put it in a ponytail to stretch it out a little, and added a little oil to soften the cast. VOILA… The curls were beautiful. If I’m honest it wasn’t dramatically different from my results with the Cantu Shea Butter. In my opinion the Cantu kind of has a a nice hold, and leaves a little bit of a cast. The only big difference I noticed was my edges looked really nice slicked down. I don’t usually pay much attention to that, but I liked the look, and may continue to use the gel for that.  I don’t think I will be throwing gel in my hair every week, but I will definitely not be afraid to use it, when I am doing a wash and go!

So..Yes to the Eco Styler Gel! 🙂

*The Application*

The first thing I did was co washed my hair really good in the shower, and finger combed thoroughly.  After that, I applied my Suave Naturals conditioner to my hair as a leave in. I washed my hair with my normal conditioner Herbal Essence, but I decided not to leave it in, because of the Sodium Hydroxide. Now, let me say I’ve left it in before, but I decided I just wasn’t comfortable with the mixture.  Also, I’ve recently decided I’d rather not leave that conditioner in my hair going forward.

Anyways……After applying the Suave Naturals, I sectioned off my hair, and began to smooth the gel into small sections of my hair while it was soaking wet. After I was done, I let the hair air dry. It took nearly half of the day, which is normal for my wash and gos. Now, I did notice that the hair on the top was dry faster, or at least it got hard faster! LOL! To be honest, my hair really didn’t get as hard or stiff as I thought it would. The gel I used was a level 10 hold. After breaking the gel cast with my extra virgin olive oil, my hair was really soft and had plenty of bounce.

4 thoughts on “My Final Thoughts On Eco Styler Gel

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  1. 🙂 it look pretty, I have the Eco styling gel but my husband use it all before I decide to do my wash and go styles lol

  2. Your hair looks nice!! That’s all I’ve been using since I did the BC.. I was thinking about trying the “Kinky Curly Curling Custard” What are your thoughts on that product?

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