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Plenty of Natural hair styles pictures!

Also check out these videos below with some of the tutorials for the natural hair styles featured above!

❤ Special Occasion Natural Hairstyles – Prom Hairstyles, Wedding Hairstyles, Graduation Hairstyles, & More ❤

❤ Updo Hairstyles On Natural Hair ❤

❤ Messy Bun, Curly Bun, High Bun. Low Bun, Sock Bun, and more ❤

❤ Lots Of Natural Hairstyes ❤

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  1. Alicia, how can I get some of your older videos? I need to see some styles on your shorter hair, I am only 2 years in.

  2. Hi Alica. I just wanted to ask these 2 questions as I value your opinion. 1) If I am wearing my hair in a protective style such as twists for say 1 week, how do you recommend that I keep it moisturised? 2) I am part transitioning (the front where I would relax my leave out for my weaves) and of course trying to grow my natural hair by following your method. However I am certainly no hairdresser no matter how many u-tube vids I watch as I am hopeless 😉 so I am wearing a half wig which I am loving at the moment however I don’t want to compromise on the health of my hair. What would you recommend as the wig has combs to hold it place, is that good or bad or dependent on how I attached and remove it and would you recommend a wig cap as isn’t the material rather drying? Sorry, only questions but they are rather long. 😉

  3. I usually spritz lightly with water and seal with oil or a leave in. I focus mainly on the ends. Once I moisturize the twist, I wrap or put in a high bun to keep them from shrinking up.
    I wish I had experience with wigs and natural hair, but I haven’t really experimented much with them in my journey. I tried it once early on, but not long enough to have the full knowledge.
    If I was wearing a wig with combs I would definitely put something over my hair. Some people just use their satin scarf to cover and protect their hair instead of the regular wig cap.
    Maybe you can remove the combs and secure with large bobby pins.

    I hope some of this helps! Good luck! 🙂

  4. Hi Stacy! I’d like to help you answer your questions because I am fully natural, and wore wigs during the first year as protective styling (okay and I’ll admit pure laziness lol). When I twist out, I like to add Extra Virgin Olive Oil to my do, because I tend to leave my twists in forat least 2 weeks, sometimes 3. A good hair butter -I make my own these days, but I found that the Curls Unleashed brand was quite nice in helping to retain moisture, as well as making a beautiful result upon taking out the twists. As for wigs, I LOVE wigs. However, the combs that keep them in will eventually wear on your edges, and cause a lot of breakage. My favorite wig had comb attachments, and I eventually stopped using the combs, just using a wig cap (I wear a silk scark under my wig cap, because you’re right, that material is no good for your hair over time). Bobby pins secured to the edges of your cap willl work just fine, and if you wear a protective style beneath (Again, I twist), your hair will grow, and stay nice and healthy 😛 Hope this is helpful!

  5. Hi Alicia! I’ve been watching your youtube videos for a while, since I’m a subscriber! Lol and I’ve recently decided to start my hair journey… However my hair is EXTREMELY damaged.. When I used to wear sew ins, I would glue the edges down and that caused ALOT of breakage and now I have no edges at all. What would you suggest I do or use to help promote growth along my hair line??

  6. what about the natural girls whose hair is short very coarse and look like afros after you wash and dried your hair do you have any styles for them

  7. this method worked very well for me compared to methods i have tried previous………love your channel

  8. Hey! I was googling natural hair and I was lucky enough to come across your site! I have been over a year without any type of relaxer, and VERY seldom get a blowout. I have been wearing wash n go’s and did a twistout once for the past month, but the top of my hair is giving me a lot of trouble… I’m trying to keep the faith and stay patient. My hair already looks healthier, but bc it’s not consistent it doesn’t always look neat. My mom isn’t a fan of my natural do’s at all. But, I’m trying to do what’s best for my hair. It used to be all the way down my back. Now….it’s pushing shoulder length. I trimmed some of my straighter ends, and not certain if it was the best thing to do, but my hair looked awful with them hanging everywhere. I use the curls unleashed products on my hair, and after a wash I use a dime of oil.I honestly am just going off of what I see others doing from online, but have no real idea what to do. Alicia, and anyone else who has been through this…. PLEASE HELP ME! I DON’T WANT TO GIVE UP SO EASILY!

  9. I can relate to what you are feeling.
    The first step for me getting past my struggles with my hair in the beginning was acceptance.
    I had to accept my hair for all of its craziness. The different textures, the frizz, the tight coils that make it hard to put a comb through it, the fact that it doesn’t lay down the way it did with a relaxer, so many different things I had to learn to deal with.
    Once I got there, I was more open to not only getting information from others, but also taking the time to experiment with my own hair. I’m not saying that I knew what I was doing, because it took me a while to get it. What I can say is over time and being consistent with learning my own hair, I eventually figured out what worked for me. There are so many blogs and articles telling you what you need to do to have this fabulous hair that everyone is talking about. The truth is it just doesn’t work for MOST people. You have to get in there and get your hands dirty with your own hair to figure out what is going to help you to have a successful journey.
    I just started off with the basics, creating a simple regimen that included how often I cleansed my hair, deep conditioning, detangling, styling. After that I tried a few basic products that helped me to maintain my hair. Then once I found those things, I stuck to it.

    This is just a little information on what helped me along the way, and I hope it helps you a little. 🙂 Good luck!

  10. Hey Alicia, Love your channel. Heat styling freaks me out. I’ve heat styled twice. I think the second time, it may have been too high. Do you have a go to heat protectant. I’d used Carol’s Daughter Chocolat and Macadamia Line. I’m just nervous about trying it again. Also wash n gos. Love yours. I think my hair is like a 4b/4c. Super tight. I’ve tried it a few times using DevaCurl… Miss Jessie’s. I just don’t know what to do. HELP lol

  11. Hi Alicia…. I went natural a year ago…I saw u in concert with one of my old friends Brandon (Dice) and I thought her natural hair is beautiful…I think i’m finally ready to do this…and I found u on utube and ur videos for ur natural hair really helped a lot…anyhow….I am getting very bored with my short hair (which is growing nicely) and I am tired of wearing two strand twists my hair is the same length urs was at 1 yr but my texture is much coilyer than urs lol if that’s a word (not) so wash and goes have my hair looking extra nappy. I need sum tips on sum cute styles that will last me more than 2 days….otherwise i’m forced to continue protective styles like the Senegalese twist I have now(which I cant afford)…plz help

  12. Hi Alicia …. I just started my natural journey and praying I continue it very hard and different. I am trying to figure my hair out I feel that I am a product junkie right now and just don’t know what to to. How to you keep your twist out at night from not getting soft that my problem. It look very good for one day and then I went to sleep and it didn’t look the same. How often do you do your twist out and what do put on them to make them lasts.

  13. Good afternoon Alicia…..I am going to start my two-strand twist challenge tonight. I plan on keeping them in for about 3 weeks. What is your daily regimen for maintaining your twists. Do you spritz and seal you hair everyday, every other day……

  14. Hi Alicia,

    so u never worn extenssions(Braids, weave ect..) as a protective style since u went natural? I have thin 4c/b hair and i want a natural hair journey without extenssion, just wanna know if is possible 🙂 Your hair is fantastic!!!

    Be blessed!!!

  15. i have a question
    Is it advised to use any hair gel while in the early process of going back natural??

  16. I’m truly inspired! Thanks! I follow a few naturally curly girls on YouTube and I’ve learned much. Today, however, I’m inspired…….I’m in the TWA stage and my hair type is very much like yours. I enjoy seeing what’s possible for my hair.

  17. I super love every photo! Beautiful, amazing and inspiring hairstyles. Will try to achieve those hairstyles too. Good job! 🙂

  18. Beautiful hair Alicia, you are one of my hair inspirations. I love your two strand twist styles.👍😘

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