Cute and simple Updo on my #NaturalHair

simple updo on #NaturalHair - natural curly hair

This was a simple and quick hairstyle I did after my hair was freshly washed. I have conditioner only in my hair (Herbal Essence Hello Hydration). I rolled my hair back and used some hair pis to keep my hair in place. 🙂

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Outfit Of The Day – Fourth Of July 2013

Alicia James OOTD Video

KellisCurls OOTD Video:

So, it is super hot in Houston, and the last thing I wanted to do is wear a load of clothing. I stuck to a simple sheer top with blue jean shorts. I also wanted comfortable shoes so that I could play around with the kiddos. Also, I have lots of hair, so I decided to pull it all up into some tight curls. Having a hair all over my shoulders and back was not an option in this hot humid weather! I kept it cute, simple, and cool! 🙂

What did you wear for the holidays! 🙂

“Get Ready With Me” Featuring Cocoon Curls – Father’s Day Edition

This is not a tutorial!

Dress: Ross
Shoes: Forever 21

MAC ProLongwear Foundation – NW45
MAC Studio Fix – NW45
Covergirl Queen CO\ollection – Javalicious Chocolate Exqusitio
Blush – ElfF Fuschia Fusion

Cocoon Curls As Seen By:
CuteGirlsHairstyles –
Naptural85 –
As you can see there are already tutorials of this hairstyle, but if you would like me to do one for my channel, let me know! 🙂

I am wearing Freshlook Colorblend prescription contacts in Brown

Check out my natural hair videos on Youtube HERE!

Easy Ponytail With A Twist On My Natural Hair

Simple ponytail with a twist on natural har

My hair was in two strand twist for a few weeks. I took the twist out and it gave me this beautiful twist out. I love to do my twist outs with smaller two strand twist. It gives beautiful results, it also lasts longer. The smaller the twist the longer the wear!

Struggling With My Natural Hair & New Hair Growth Journey!

Various hairstyles on natural hair

I’ve experience so many different things with my natural hair! I’ve enjoyed the entire experience. It is so funny, because most people think that I have this perfect journey. The reason I’ve been able to learn so much throughout my journey is because of the struggle. There are those things that work perfectly, and then there are those times when everything seems to be doing the complete opposite of what you want it to do. I know most of us have gone through that. The difference is, some give up, and some continue to work at it and figure it out.

I’ve never been one to just give up….

Watch the video to find out more about my recent struggles and also me starting a new hair growth journey!

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