simple updo on #NaturalHair - natural curly hair

Cute and simple Updo on my #NaturalHair

This was a simple and quick hairstyle I did after my hair was freshly washed. I have conditioner only in my hair (Herbal Essence Hello Hydration). I rolled my hair back and used some hair pis to keep my hair in place. 🙂 Click a link below! Facebook Me Youtube Me Instagram Me Advertisements

Curling Wand On My Natural Hair Thumbnail

Curling Wand On My Natural Hair

* Quick Steps * Minimize damage by starting on clean dry hair Section Hair Into 4 Sections (2 in front and 2 in the back) to make styling easier and faster Take small sections and wrap around the wand Hold the wand into place no more than 10 seconds Gently slide hair off the wand…