Coily Curly High Ponytail

This is a really cute, fun and simple hairstyle!

The first thing I do is put my headband that I’m going to wear as an accessory around my neck. I do this so that I don’t mess up my hair while putting it on over the hairstyle. I use my Goody Headband for my ponytail holder. I wrap it around once, so that it’s just a little bit smaller. I pull all of my hair up to the top of my head, and then put my goody band around the hair to hold it into place. The key is leaving your ponytail holder as loose as possible. The looser the ponytail holder is, the bigger the ponytail will be. After the ponytail is secure, I pull up my headband. BAM! A really quick but cute hairstyle! 🙂 ENJOY!


3 thoughts on “Coily Curly High Ponytail

  1. Love the shape of your haircut.

  2. very cute!

  3. I’m newly natural and I am so inspired 🙂 Love this!!

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