Struggling With My Natural Hair & New Hair Growth Journey!

Various hairstyles on natural hair

I’ve experience so many different things with my natural hair! I’ve enjoyed the entire experience. It is so funny, because most people think that I have this perfect journey. The reason I’ve been able to learn so much throughout my journey is because of the struggle. There are those things that work perfectly, and then there are those times when everything seems to be doing the complete opposite of what you want it to do. I know most of us have gone through that. The difference is, some give up, and some continue to work at it and figure it out.

I’ve never been one to just give up….

Watch the video to find out more about my recent struggles and also me starting a new hair growth journey!

Diffusing My Tight Curly Natural Hair

Wash and go - natural hair 4a/4b

I started off with freshly washed hair.

I added in my Herbal Essence Conditioner. I leave my rinse out conditioner in. Then I added my gel. I used the Fantasia IC Gel. After I made sure that my product was added to all of my hair, I started diffusing immediately. After I finished diffusing my hair, I noticed my hair was stuck to my head. I used my oil to soften up the hair, and also stretch it out afterwards. This was my first time using a diffuser, but overall I think the results were nice. Did I notice a huge difference from regular blow drying, not really, but it’s an healthier option. 🙂 Diffusing does take a little more time than regular blow drying. The entire process, adding product and diffusing took me about 30 – 45 minutes. I Blow dryer settings: high fan and medium heat. The blow dryer I used is by Remington. I purchased it from Walmart for about $20.

My wash and go usually lasts 5-7 days on average. I use the bunning or pineapple method to maintain my hairstyle at night.

Bunning Method:

Pineapple Method:

Stretching My Hair Video: *Coming Soon*

*I always get questions about my shine*
My shine happened over time. I give credit to my consistent deep conditioning/hot oil treatment routine. It is something that I do each time that I wash my hair.
I also like to add a little oil to my hair after I complete a style.
I use extra virgin olive oil.
My Deep conditioning/hot oil treatment routine:

More Wash and Go Videos:

My Hair Regimen:
My Hair Growth Journey:
Quick Tips On Going Natural:

Back To The Wash and Go On My Tight Curly Hair

So, I am back at it again, and actually convinced that I may be challenging myself to keep it going until the end of the year. The wash and go! I was super excited about wearing them again. The wash and go from this video lasted six days. It could have lasted longer, but I had to record a hair video. 🙂

Who said us tight curly hair girls can’t wear a wash and go? I want to prove them wrong!

Who wants to join me with this challenge?!!!? 🙂

Wash and go n 4a 4b hair

This is day 3 on my wash and go.
I have not had to re wet my hair.
I am using the pineapple method (high ponytail) at night to maintain the hairstyle.
In the morning I add a little oil, shake and go.

I used the IC Fantasia Gel and Herbal Essence Hello Hydration rinse out conditioner.
I used a blow dryer to get my hair at least 50% dry and then let it air dry.

Wash and Go Videos:

Flat Twist Out On My Natural Hair

Flat Twist Out On Natural Hair

This is nothing new. If you have seen one flat twist out, you have seen them all. With this video I am not offering anything unique. What I wanted to do was actually do one. LOL! I have only done a flat twist out once in my journey, and that was over two years ago. So, I decided to give it a try. I am definitely not the best at doing flat twist, so I avoid them.
I think the results were beautiful. If you can do flat twist, it is definitely worth the results.
In this video my hair is blown out. Blow drying is a normal part of my regimen. I have been blow drying my hair for over two years. Blow drying keeps my hair manageable throughout the week, reducing knots, tangles, and breakage. Blow drying or heat is not required to achieve this hairstyle.  because it is not a huge difference. You do not have to use heat to achieve this hairstyle! The results for this hairstyle for me come with starting off with stretched dry hair.

No heat methods to stretch hair…
1.) Bunning Method — High bun or low bun
2.) One ponytail with a braid
3.) Curlformers, flexi rods, or roller set (without heat)
4.) Banding
5.) African Threading

My Blow Drying Demo:

To achieve this hairstyle I used Cantu Shea Butter pomade and spritzed the hair with water that was mixed with a small amount of glycerin. Using a small amount of glycerin with my water has just become habit since last year. It does help with keeping moisture in the hair longer. I only use a small amount so that the hair does not become too greasy and weighed down.

Wrapping my twist has been something I’ve always done to keep my regular and loose two strand twist stretched out.

How long this style will and can last depends on many things, hair type, products used for hold, climate, daily activities, etc. Results will vary! Have fun and be creative!

My shine: I decided to make a section for this, because it is one of my most frequently asked questions for most hairstyle videos. I have been doing consistent deep conditioning/hot oil treatments using a hair dryer for over two years. I have low porosity hair, so my hair absolutely thrives with these treatments. Over time I developed a beautiful shine with my hair. Also, I am now using the Cantu Shea Butter Pomade, which is nice for adding even more shine!

My deep conditioning/hot oil treatment routine:
My earrings are from an accessory store here in Houston. I don’t remember the name of the store.
My hair is not dyed. It looks dark in person, but when the light hits it, it has a reddish brown tint. So, I think it is more lighting that makes it look jet black.

Answering Your Questions Live!

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Hair Growth Update & Length Check

Twist Out On Long Natural Hair

The hairstyle in this video is a twist out with about 3-4 bantu knots. I have a video coming up soon to show the method. I am usually a braid out girl, but I love this twist out.

The shine in my hair happened over time. I am very consistent with doing my deep conditioning/hot oil treatments each time I wash. I have been doing this for over two years. I use my regular rinse out conditioner and mix with my extra virgin olive oil.

*Helpful Links*

Previous Length Check (Reaching Waist Length):

My First Flat Iron:

Cutting My Ends:

Different Buns I Like To Do:

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Hairstyle!

Last Minute Hairstyle on straightened long natural hair

I decided it would be fun to a nice last minute video! I really recorded and edited this video today! I never do that! LOL! Buuuuut I love you guys, and this is my way of spending Valentine’s Day with you all! 🙂

My hair in this video is an almost week old blow out. It was a braid out, but I had been out with the hubby, and I don’t know what happened from there. LOL!

Blow drying is a normal part of my regimen, so with all of my hairstyles, results will vary. You do not have to blow dry your hair to achieve this hairstyle. This will be beautiful with your curls, a twist out, braid out, bantu knot out, flexi rod curls, waves, kinks, etc.

Info on how often I blow dry, maintenance, and more here:

Earrings are from a store here in Houston, I can’t remember the name. aaaaah!

Blow Drying Natural Hair – My Experience

Last Minute Hairstyle on straightened long natural hair

When I found Youtube I decided that I would NEVER use heat on my natural hair. I developed this big fear of damage and a whole lot of other things. Once I became a little more comfortable with my hair and started to develop my own personal regimen my opinion regarding the use of heat on my natural hair changed.

I did not start using heat in my natural hair journey until I turned two years natural.  When I turned two years I did my first blow out.  After blow drying my hair for the first time I found that I really enjoyed the stretch and the benefits I got from the stretched hair.

Blow Drying Method I Use

  • Tension Method:
    • I shampoo my hair to make sure it is thoroughly clean.
    • I do a protein treatment to strengthen the strands of my hair.
    • I do a deep conditioning using my rinse out conditioner and my extra virgin olive oil to add moisture into the hair. (heat will dry the hair out, extra moisture is a plus)
    • Detangle the hair thoroughly.
    • I add my leave in and heat protectant and put the hair into twist or braids so that the hair air dries. I wait until it is about 75-90% dry.
    • After the hair dries I then section the hair off into smaller sections and start to blow dry each section.
    • Without using the comb attachment stretch the section of hair and start to run the blow dryer up and down the section. I hold and cover the ends of my hair. I don’t find it is necessary to add heat directly to my ends. I am not going for super straight hair. You can do so if needed.
    • Continue this movement until that section of hair is stretched and dry.
    • Repeat this process until the entire head is complete.
    • You can also do a cool shot at the end. The cool shot is supposed to lay the hair cuticle back down after the use of heat.

*Tension Blow Drying*

How Often:

I blow dry my hair now 1-2 times a month. Now that my hair is much longer, I’ve limited the amount of times I am washing my hair. I blow dry after each wash. I have seen a huge difference in my hair since decreasing my wash days.

Moisturizing Blown out or Straightened Hair:

Deep conditioning is a huge plus before using heat. Heat dries the hair out so adding moisture into the hair is great and minimizes frizz. I notice a big difference if I don’t deep condition before blow drying my hair. My hair frizzes and shrinks up immediately.

When moisturizing blown out or straightened hair I use a bottle to lightly spritz water, mainly focusing on the ends. I massage the water into the hair starting from the ends and then upward. I seal in the moisture with oil. I usually only add oil to my hair once a week. If I need to set a style I use water only. My blow dried hair lasts so much longer when I am adding less product. Adding too much oil or product throughout the week can cause build up and greasy weighed down hair.

I use a leave in that is also a heat protectant. This helps to minimize the amount of products I am stacking on top of my hair. Less products, better results.

Low Sock Bun On My Natural Hair

My Quick Tips:

  • Always blow dry on clean hair
  • It is okay to blow dry your ends, but limit the amount of high heat on them
  • The faster you can finish the better, which is why air drying before you blow dry is important. You want to limit the amount of heat you are using.
  • The more heat you use the better chance you have for heat damage. Try to create a regimen that doesn’t include heat multiple times throughout the week.
  • Add a good moisturizer or heat protectant that will help with minimizing frizz
  • Heat equals dry hair and dry hair equals breakage, so keep the hair moisturized. Don’t be afraid to add oil throughout the week. (when needed)
  • Air dry the hair before blow drying. I never blow dry on soaking wet hair, this can damage to the hair and also the hair can lose its elasticity. If the hair gets too dry, spritz lightly with water before blow drying. I don’t like the hair to be too dry, the blow dryer will just dry it out even more from my personal experience.
  • A trick (sort of trick LOL!)  I use to stretch my blown out hair even more is leaving the freshly blown out hair in a bun for a day or two. This stretches the hair out more with less heat and also the blown out hair lasts longer.

As long as I have been using heat I have not seen any setbacks with my hair. I started using heat in my second year and at year four hit waist length. This is not the case for everyone! As far as heat training that is not my intentions or ultimate goal, but I do understand regular use of heat can alter the curl pattern. For over two years I have not noticed a change in my curl pattern. My coils are still super tight.

The use of heat is a personal choice. Always do your research before trying any new products or methods with your hair.

I hope that this helped someone! 🙂

If you would like to discuss this more in detail or if you have any other questions regarding natural hair. Click The link below! I look forward to speaking with you! Google Helpout - Natural Hair ————————————————————————-
“easy natural hair”

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Low Sock Bun On My “Natural Hair” – Hairstyle For Every Occassion

Low Sock Bun On My Natural Hair

This hairstyle can be done on straight or curly medium to long hair. Remember have fun and be creative. Results vary!

In this video my hair is blown out. I blow dry my hair once a month.

Blow Drying Method:

This is my go to hairstyle. I can dress this hairstyle up or down, which is one of the reasons I love it. Also, it’s a great protective hairstyle, which is a plus!

More Hairstyles Here:

Short To Medium Hairstyles:

“Easy Natural Hair”
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No Heat Loose Curls On My Natural Hair

No Heat Loose Curls different views

In this video my hair is straightened from my first flat ironed since transitioning to natural hair.
My flat ironed video:
Bantu knot outs are my go to hairstyle for no heat curls. You can do them big, you can do them small. The bigger the knots the looser the curl.
Bantu knot demo here:
This hairstyle lasted the entire day. I did my bantu knots at night before going to bed. It took me about 10 – 15 minutes to do these knots. When the curls are tighter it lasts a lot longer.

I spritzed my hair lightly with water and added a little leave in to each section before doing the bantu knot. I did not use any heat to dry. I slept with a satin cap, and then took them down the next morning.

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