Big High Bun – My Go To Hairstyle!

Big High Bun On Natural Hair

I like to leave the hair a little loose. I don’t like to pull my hair too tight. I am using regular hair pins that I ordered from Sallys Beauty supply.
I can make the bun without the sock, but it makes it quick and easy, and also gives it a nice shape. You don’t have to worry about your hair moving around throughout the day.
In this video my hair is blown out. You do not have to blow dry your hair to achieve this hairstyle. This hairstyle can be achieved with curly hair, stretched hair, etc. Results will vary with different hair types, curl patterns, styling techniques, etc.

I blow my hair out once a month
My blow drying method:

The waves are from an old chunky braid out
Chunky Braid out demo here:

I made the sock bun with a pair of my husband’s old work socks! LOL!
You can find a quick demo on how to make the sock bun on Youtube, just search “sock bun”
There are several great tutorials. 🙂

Here are more videos on other ways to achieve a really cute bun:

My Hair Regimen:
My Hair Growth Journey:
Quick Tips On Going Natural:

Go To for more quick tips and videos for natural hair!

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