Working Out With My Senegalese Twist and Day 16 Update

Working out with senegalese twist
So it has been over two weeks since I got my twist done. Let me tell you, I have been having so much fun with these twist. They are just super gorgeous and have been very easy to maintain. Two weeks in I have already noticed growth. My scalp have not been extremely itchy. I keep applying the extra virgin olive oil at twice during the week and massaging my scalp. I try to be really careful with my edges. Any hairstyle that I do I try to keep the front as loose as possible. I am also thinking about trying to go ahead and wash them. If I do this it will be in my third or fourth week. I will follow up and let you know what method I use.

Anyways..let’s talk about working out. The first day I had to work out with my twist I had no idea how it was going to be. I put my hair in a really high bun and I jumped on the stair master for about an hour. The twist held up nicely, I had no problems. Then later that week I went to Zumba Step and also decided to do a high bun. The bun completely collapsed. The hair was too heavy to stay on top of my head with all of the jumping up and down, squats, weights etc. So, I just took it all down and let it hang, that was super irritating. I had twist all over me and I had to keep moving them out of the way.
So, the next day I had another Zumba class and I put my hair in one simple ponytail with a headband. SUCCESS My hair did not move out of place I used a Good Headband to secure the ponytail and it lasted throughout my entire workout with no problem. So, that is how I have been wearing my hair for every workout in a ponytail. My ends get slightly wet from sweating, because I am usually wearing a tank, but you can lightly rinse the ends after your workout with water.

So far so good!

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  1. GREAT blog Alicia! I’m so happy that your twists are holding up, they are just FABULOUS! YAY for the growth too girl, that’s what you wanna see! When you said you’re getting ready for a Zumba party you weren’t kidding, ya’ll got the lil shimmy shake, belly dancing outfits on! I do Zumba too, it’s very, very fun but I shake my shimmy at home, I’m big on workout DVD’s!

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