Stretching Natural Hair

Stretching "Natural Hair" - Alicia James

I’ve tried several methods to stretch my natural hair. I have really kinky coily hair that shrinks up to 80% of it’s length. It is absolutely insane! It is also the type of hair that gets knots and tangles easily. My preferred way to style is with stretched hair. Now, I am not against a blow dryer, because I enjoy my blow outs,  but it is not something I want to make a habit.

For my hair the key to getting super stretched hair is styling on dry hair. My hair still shrinks up a lot, if I stretch on freshly washed or wet hair. The key is after a wash, put in big braids or twist. Let the hair dry for a few hour, then twist, braid,band, or whatever method you use to stretch.
For me the older the hair the better the stretch. After pulling the hair into a bun every night the hair gets great hang time. Old hair meaning hair that was previously styled not dirty hair.

I like the results from braid outs or twist outs. The smaller the twist or braid is, the longer my style lasts.

Also, I’ve used the pineapple method for maintaining my styles in the past. It’s a great way to maintain, but it stretched out the back of my hair too much, and the top of my hair shrinks. It doesn’t really give my hair a nice shape.

These are just a few tips on how I stretch my hair.

Let me know how you stretch yours!

Here is the video where Naptural85 does the “scrunchie method”

“Easy Natural Hair”
Click For More “Natural Hair” videos!

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