✦ Night Time Hair Routine ✦ – Day 3 Faux Wash and Go on Natural Hair (Wet Twist Out)

Faux Wash and Go Natural Hair
Faux Wash and Go Natural Hair
Faux Wash and Go Natural Hair updo Hairstyle
Faux Wash and Go Natural Hair
Faux Wash and Go Natural Hair
curly natuFaux Wash and Go Natural Hairral hair
Faux Wash and Go Natural Hair
– 4a Hair Type
Faux Wash and Go Natural Hair
Faux Wash and Go Natural Hair

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Wash and Go Natural Hair – October 2013

Chunky twist and half updo

So, it has been several months, I have really embraced the wash and go.  I am loving my hair and loving finding what method works for my kink/curly 4a/4b natural hair. Here are a few of my best wash and go moments so far this month. Enjoy!

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Wash and Go Challenge on 4a and 4b Natural Hair

So, I have been wearing nothing but wash and gos for nearly two months. I decided that the wash and go would be the best option for me, because I have been working out 6 days a week. I take a 60 minute class everyday, Zumba, Strength Training, and Cross Training. I found that it was really difficult to keep my hair stretched, and also my scalp was really irritated from the constant sweating. I decided that wearing a wash and go would work for my current lifestyle. This way I can conditioner wash my hair daily. I have been loving my wash and go, and also totally embracing shrinkage! My hair is extremely soft and bouncy. I will be sticking to this regimen for the rest of the year. It’s a great low manipulation hairstyle, good for keeping the hair moisturized, and I am hoping to see some great length retention.
I will keep you updated with details on my new regimen, things I learn, mistakes, etc.

I am calling it a challenge, because as a woman who has “4 type” hair, wash and gos are the one thing that most say is impossible. It can be frustrating, and the shrinkage can be discouraging. I am someone who religiously stretches my hair so I am excited about the possibilities!
Join Me!

Check out some of my wash and go videos here! 🙂


Diffusing My Tight Curly Natural Hair

Wash and go - natural hair 4a/4b

I started off with freshly washed hair.

I added in my Herbal Essence Conditioner. I leave my rinse out conditioner in. Then I added my gel. I used the Fantasia IC Gel. After I made sure that my product was added to all of my hair, I started diffusing immediately. After I finished diffusing my hair, I noticed my hair was stuck to my head. I used my oil to soften up the hair, and also stretch it out afterwards. This was my first time using a diffuser, but overall I think the results were nice. Did I notice a huge difference from regular blow drying, not really, but it’s an healthier option. 🙂 Diffusing does take a little more time than regular blow drying. The entire process, adding product and diffusing took me about 30 – 45 minutes. I Blow dryer settings: high fan and medium heat. The blow dryer I used is by Remington. I purchased it from Walmart for about $20.

My wash and go usually lasts 5-7 days on average. I use the bunning or pineapple method to maintain my hairstyle at night.

Bunning Method: http://youtu.be/EhJIPiBlLeQ

Pineapple Method: http://youtu.be/sBh0PdEJf34

Stretching My Hair Video: *Coming Soon*

*I always get questions about my shine*
My shine happened over time. I give credit to my consistent deep conditioning/hot oil treatment routine. It is something that I do each time that I wash my hair.
I also like to add a little oil to my hair after I complete a style.
I use extra virgin olive oil.
My Deep conditioning/hot oil treatment routine: http://youtu.be/Dq1mZqW0p6I

More Wash and Go Videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcUeTqEG2SWKLGMjk7t9dROyFGXewRRb-

My Hair Regimen: http://easynaturalhair.com/my-hair-regimen/
My Hair Growth Journey: http://easynaturalhair.com/my-hair-growth-journey/
Quick Tips On Going Natural: http://easynaturalhair.com/7-easy-steps-for-natural-hair/

The Perfect Wash and go For “My” Tight Curly Natural Hair

Wash and go on tight curly natural hair

So, I have been on my wash and go kick. I have been really enjoying them this time around@
It seems like the more I do them, the more I love them, and the easier it gets!
My experience with wash and gos have been an up and down battle. Somehow I have been able to move forward and find a method that I am addicted to. I love it so much, I am thinking about doing nothing but wash and gos until the end of the year. (more on that later) 🙂

Here are my steps to achieving my perfect Wash and Go For Tight Curly Hair

  • Shampoo or co wash my hair thoroughly
  • Deep conditioning/hot oil treatment
  • Thoroughly Detangle my hair
  • Add Conditioner (Herbal Essence Hello Hydration) – Add product in sections, making sure to cover each strand, especially the roots where tightly curly hair knots up. From my personal experience adding product thoroughly to the hair decreases knots and tangles. I usually finger comb to get the product all over the hair. You can do bigger sections this way, and not take tiny sections that will increase the styling time. It’s not about defining the curl, it’s about making sure product is evenly distributed.
  • Add my styling gel (Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Styling Gel) – Again, add product in sections, making sure to cover each strand.
  • Blow drying! Once my hair is completely dry it will last until for 5-7 days without re wetting. I don’t use any attachment. I hang my head upside down and begin to dry my hair. I do upside down, so that the curls on top are not disturbed. I don’t mind a little frizz, because it gives me more volume and the bigger hair we all love! I have low porosity hair. My hair literally stays wet for 24 hours. This is no joke! This is usually where my wash and go fails. I usually have to go to bed on wet hair. In the morning, the curls are crammed up, and knotted together. I then have to re wet my hair. This becomes a daily process which defeats the purpose of low manipulation styling that you should get from a wash and go.

This entire process from the shampoo to the blow drying takes a little over an hour. I use about 30 minutes to deep condition, 10-15 minutes to add product, and about 15-20 minutes to blow dry.

I maintain my wash and go at night by using the pineapple method. In the morning, I add a little oil, shake and go!

*Pineapple Method*

Who said us coily heads can’t do wash and gos!?!?! I am quickly changing my opinion on the wash and go for my tight curly hair! 🙂

Most people with tight coils like me are afraid of the wash and go, because tangles can be scary. I’ve battled wash and gos because of that reason. The key for my hair is making sure the hair is fully detangled before styling, and product. Product is not key for growing hair, but it is key for styling. Find the right product for your wash and gos, and make sure to apply it thoroughly.

Back To The Wash and Go On My Tight Curly Hair

So, I am back at it again, and actually convinced that I may be challenging myself to keep it going until the end of the year. The wash and go! I was super excited about wearing them again. The wash and go from this video lasted six days. It could have lasted longer, but I had to record a hair video. 🙂

Who said us tight curly hair girls can’t wear a wash and go? I want to prove them wrong!

Who wants to join me with this challenge?!!!? 🙂

Wash and go n 4a 4b hair

This is day 3 on my wash and go.
I have not had to re wet my hair.
I am using the pineapple method (high ponytail) at night to maintain the hairstyle.
In the morning I add a little oil, shake and go.

I used the IC Fantasia Gel and Herbal Essence Hello Hydration rinse out conditioner.
I used a blow dryer to get my hair at least 50% dry and then let it air dry.

Wash and Go Videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcUeTqEG2SWKLGMjk7t9dROyFGXewRRb-

Wash and Go “Natural Hair” – Updated November 2012

Wash and Go Natural Hair

First thing I do is make sure my hair is clean and thoroughly detangled. I finger detangle my hair in the shower with conditioner. The water from the shower runs through the hair and makes it easier to get knots and tangles out. Detangling is one of the most important steps when preparing for a wash and go with my tightly coiled hair. If I have tangles in my hair before adding product, it causes me to have more tangles when it is time to wash again.

After detangling my hair, I add my leave in conditioner. I am currently using Giovanni Leave in conditioner. I add about a teaspoon of glycerin to my leave in. I live in Houston, so it is usually pretty humid.

I massage my leave in throughout my entire head. I finger comb it through. Some people like to take small sections and apply the product, but that is way too time consuming of a process for my lifestyle.  Make sure that the product covers each strand, this will minimize tangles. Any hair without product may become frizzy and tangle much easier.

After I apply m leave in, that is the final step, unless you want to add gel. Sometimes I use gel, but I prefer conditioner only. The gel will clump the curls together better. The eco styler leaves the hair a little hard, but after it is dry, you can add a little oil on top of the hair to soften it up.

I wrap a t shirt around my hair to dry faster. This is better than a towel, less frizz. I leave my shirt on for 15-30 minutes depending on what I am doing. You can leave it on while you are doing make up, etc.

Take the t shirt off, shake your hair and go.

This is how I do my wash and go.

Most people with tight coils like me are afraid of the wash and go, because tangles can be scary. I’ve battled wash and gos because of that reason. I’ve been wearing nothing but wash and gos for about three weeks. The key for my hair is making sure the hair is fully detangled before styling, and product. Product is not key for growing hair, but it is key for styling. Find the right product for your wash and gos, and make sure to apply it thoroughly.

#NaturalHair – Hair Of The Day!

Hair Of The Day - Wash and Go


#NaturalHair – Hair Of The Day! I love shrinkage it is truly amazing! “Wash and Go” I love that I can have short hair one day, and long hair the next! Looking forward to my first flat iron in December! EasyNaturalHair.com

“Alicia James” No Heat Challenge!

Why? I’ve recently had to change my regimen. The more hair I get, the drier I noticed my ends. So, as much as I loved some of my staple products, I got rid of some and traded them in for something with more gentle ingredients. 🙂 More to come on that. I don’t want to lay out my new regimen until I have been doing it for a few months, and can truly say….THIS WORKS! lol!

Anyways…  I loooove my blown out hair.I did my first blow out when I was two years natural. It was the greatest experience eveeeer! I looove the big huge hair, and I like how easy it is to style. We all know that heat has it’s affects on our hair. It can dry it out, and also cause excessive shedding. I don’t use a comb attachment when blow drying, and I only blow dry my hair once it is dry,  just to get a quick stretch. With this method, I’ve never seen any negative effects due to my blow drying, but everyone is different. I only blow dry once a month, so maybe that it why it hasn’t been so bad. The reason I decided to do the challenge is for convenience really. I want to be able to manipulate less, and honestly just be able to walk out the door if I need to. Also I work out a lot and I don’t want to have to manipulate my hair too much.

My no heat challenge started 08/31/12,  it will end December 1. In December, I will be doing my first flat iron since being natural. 🙂

During my challenge I will be doing mostly wash and gos! 🙂

Join in if you like! 🙂


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