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A Week With Me – Maintaining My “Natural Hair”

Straightened Natural Hair - Blowout

If you have followed me for a while, then you know that my regimen is pretty simple. I’ve been natural for four years, and don’t see the need to be too fancy, if that makes sense. LOL! I still have lots of fun with my hair, and I think my many hairstyles prove that, but a normal week is pretty basic for me, and that helps with the length retention and overall health of my hair. (low manipulation and protective styling)

I get a lot of questions about how I manage my natural hair throughout the week, so I decided to list what a week is like for me when it comes to styling and maintaining my natural hair. You may find my routine even more boring after reading this. LOL! Boring, but always simple and easy! 🙂

I am going to start my week off with a fresh wash!


I usually wash my hair during the weekend. Friday night I do my shampoo and deep conditioning. I let my hair air dry for a few hours and then blow dry my hair using the tension method. That night I put my hair in a bun using the “bunning method”, wrap my hair with a satin scarf, and then cover with my satin cap. (Wrapping with a satin scarf and wearing my satin cap is something I do every day)


I take my hair down, and prepare for styling. I don’t usually add any product on my hair on this day. My go to style has been a sock bun or a high bun. I usually wear this hairstyle throughout the entire week. At night I add oil to my hair, focusing mainly on the ends. After applying the oil, I prepare my hair for bed, using the “bunning method”, and covering with satin scarf and hat.


I take down my hair as I did the previous morning, and style as usual. Again, I go for a simple bun, unless I have something special planned.  If it is a special day, or just a fun day out, I may go for a braid out or one of my favorite styles, a bantu knot out.  Again, at night I bun the hair up, using the “bunning method”, covering with a satin scarf and hat.

Monday – Thursday:
I usually repeat these same steps until Friday rolls around.

I no longer wash my hair weekly, now that it is much longer.  I find that my hair does not suffer with weekly washes. It actually stays a lot more moisturized, and seems to do a lot better with more infrequent washes. (Who would have “thunk” it) 🙂

Friday – 1 Week:

On Friday which is now one week after my wash day, I massage my scalp with oil. This helps with dry and itchy scalp.  I finger detangle my hair, and then detangle with a wide tooth comb or brush. After my hair is detangled, I lightly spritz with water and seal with an oil or leave in. I spritz the water mainly focusing on my ends.  I make sure to bun the hair up quickly so that it does not shrink up. I let the hair dry overnight, and start again with my normal daily routine.

Quick Tips

*I am now washing my hair once or twice every month, so I repeat my routine until wash day*

*Remember applying oil every night

*Remember satin cap and/or scarf

*Remember weekly detangling which is important even with stretched out or straightened hair

*Remember massaging scalp once a week

*Remember moisturizing the hair weekly and sealing with oil.



“Easy Natural Hair”
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5 Steps to Building a Good Relationship with Your “Natural Hair”

Various hairstyles on natural hair

I always compare my relationship with my hair to a marriage. LOL! A big dramatic, but it works! When you have a good relationship with your hair, you enjoy it and you stay consistent. You are not distracted by the newest magic pills, product, or rules. NO ONE knows your hair better than you!

1. Ultimate Goal: (where is this relationship going?)
a. What are your hair goals?
b. Are you aiming for healthier hair?
c. Are you trying to achieve a longer length?
d. Are you trying to correct previous damage?

2. Realistic Expectations:
a. You cannot expect your hair to do things it was not designed to do. Many spend valuable time trying to create a look or style that they are never able to achieve. In the end doing irreversible damage to their hair.
b. Length goals are great, but make sure it makes sense. On AVERAGE most people grow about 6 inches per year (1/2 an inch per month), and only retain 3-4 inches of that.

3. Quality Time:
a. Spend time with your hair find its likes and dislikes
b. Don’t be afraid to play in your hair a little. Create styles that are simple, fun, and fit your personality.
c. Try products and find what your responds well to for moisture and styling. Once you find those products, stick to them.

4. You Will Make Mistakes:
a. The journey will not be perfect! You will try things that do not work
b. Don’t give up when things are not going as planned. Reevaluate your current regimen and change the products or routines that are setting you back.
c. You are learning, it’s all about building a strong relationship with your hair.

5. Love and Commitment:
a. Commit to a consistent regimen so that you can meet your ultimate goal.
b. Fall in love with your hair! It may not hold a twist out or braid out like the next, it may not curl and twirl around your fingers, it may not shake and fly in the wind, it may not hang down your shoulders, but it is yours, embrace it!

Good luck on your journey!

“Easy Natural Hair”
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“Natural Hairstyle” – Twisted Headband on “Natural Hair” – AJ Combo

"Natural Hairstyle" - Twisted Headband on "Natural Hair"

Hair in this video is a bantu knot out

Bantu knot out video

Iman Cosmetics: Second To None Luminous Foundation (Earth 3)

Iman Cosmetics: Luxury Pressed Powder (Earth Medium)

Iman Cosmetics: Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder (Afterglow)

Covergirl Queen : Nude Attitude

Mascara: Falsies Volum’ Express

Liquid Liner: Love 21


“Easy Natural Hair”
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A Look Back At My Natural Hair Journey In Photos! #Natural Hair

I transitioned for about 7-8 months. I wore mostly kinky twist, braids, etc. Transitioning To Natural Hair - Alicia James

I big chopped some time during the last week of August, so for tracking I just mark the beginning of my journey at September 1 2008. My TWA
TWA Natural Hair - Alicia James

Year One! My first year, I only wore wash and gos. I would leave in my rinse out conditioner.
One Year Natural Hair - alicia james

1.5 – 2 years Natural! I learned about twist outs and braid outs.One Year and a Half - Two Years Natural Hair - Alicia James

24-32 Months Natural! Wearing my hair out a lot, but at the end of year two just discovering low manipulation and protective styling which will change my hair journey dramatically!
24-32 Months Natural - Alicia James

36-40 Month Natural Hair! I started doing a lot more low manipulation and protective styling. I was wearing two strand twist a lot! My hair starting retaining more length than before!
36-40 months Natural Hair - Alicia James

41-48 Months Natural! – My hair still retaining a great amount of length. Sticking with a simple regimen, low manipulation and protective styling.
41-48 Months Natural Hair

Four Years Natural! Flat ironed my hair for the first time after four years! Growth looks beautiful! Sticking with my simple regimen!
Four Years Natural Hair - Alicia James

**Latest Length Check Video**

“Easy Natural Hair”
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Working Out With Natural Hair

Natural Hair Hairstyles - Working Out

These are questions that I get constantly from naturals who work out. I love working out, and it is very important for me to stay fit. It is also important that my hair is taken care of and always looks presentable. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions…..

How Do You Wear Your Hair When Working Out?

  • High Bun
  • Low Bun
  • Pineapple Method
  • Satin Cap
  • Twist
  • Braids
  • Bantu Knots

*Leave the hair alone until it dries after usually after my shower and make up. If I style or manipulate the hair before it dries, it frizzes up.

How Often Do You Wash?

  • I work out several times during the week, but I don’t sweat a lot in my head. How often you wash will definitely depend on your sweating, how irritated your scalp get, and if your hair smells.
  • I do not wash after every workout. Depending on your hair you can co wash a few times during the week if needed.
  • Some use a natural astringent to cleanse the scalp and then massage the scalp with oil. I massage the scalp with oil, but I do not use an astringent. Please do your research if you decide to try that method. The astringent can dry out the scalp.

Plan Plan Plan

  • Plan your workouts and hair maintenance
  • You want to make sure that your have time set aside for your workout and also the time to wash and maintain your hair. On the days where you are doing lighter workouts and have the day off, you can have a little more fun with your hair!

Lastly…fitness is important…..never sacrifice health for hair. If you can get some workouts in during the week, use some of the simple methods above to maintain your hair.

Hope this helps!


What are some things you do to maintain your hair during and in between workouts?

“Easy Natural Hair”
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My Hair Goals For 2013

"Natural Hair" blow out

This year I will focus more on low manipulation styling. Low manipulation and protective styling has always been a part of my regimen, but mostly wearing two strand twists. This year I will be working a lot more with my loose hair.

My normal regimen is blowing out once a month, so  I will continue with that this year.  Usually my blow outs only last for about a few days, and then I would have to do a twist out, braid out, etc. I would also sometimes just twist my hair up.  Now, I’ve been able to make my blow outs last a lot longer, without twisting or braiding. I really took a few tips from my first flat iron. I was able to keep my hair straight for two weeks with my first flat iron by bunning etc. So, I basically took those same methods and used them for my blown out hair.

*Bunning Method*

Length Goals

This year I will not be focused on length. I reached my length goal of waist length in 2012, and now I want to focus on sharing the information on how I was able to achieve that.  It has been amazing and I still can’t believe that this is really my hair. I want others to feel the same way and achieve their hair goals for 2013.

*Length Check – Reaching Waist Length*

What are your hair goals for 2013?

“Easy Natural Hair”
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