Cute and simple Updo on my #NaturalHair

simple updo on #NaturalHair - natural curly hair

This was a simple and quick hairstyle I did after my hair was freshly washed. I have conditioner only in my hair (Herbal Essence Hello Hydration). I rolled my hair back and used some hair pis to keep my hair in place. 🙂

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Two Strand Twist Styles – Natural Hair Styles

Two strand twist are a really big part of my regimen.  Believe my I understand that sometimes twist are not the most appealing hairstyle. I just can’t deny that I retained most of my length wearing them. Not only length retention, but the overall health of my hair has just been great!

Here are a few simple hairstyle you can do to SPICE up your two strand twist.

❤ Easy Half Updo & Braid w/ Ponytail – 2 in 1 Natural Hairstyle – Two Strand Twist / Braids ❤

❤ Hair Bow Updo Inspired by Paris Hilton – Two Strand Twist / Braids ❤

❤ Big High Bun With My Natural Hair – Two Strand Twist/Braids ❤

❤ Easy Vintage Inspired Hairstyle On My Natural Hair – Two Strand Twist/Braids ❤

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Flat Twist Out On My Natural Hair

Flat Twist Out On Natural Hair

This is nothing new. If you have seen one flat twist out, you have seen them all. With this video I am not offering anything unique. What I wanted to do was actually do one. LOL! I have only done a flat twist out once in my journey, and that was over two years ago. So, I decided to give it a try. I am definitely not the best at doing flat twist, so I avoid them.
I think the results were beautiful. If you can do flat twist, it is definitely worth the results.
In this video my hair is blown out. Blow drying is a normal part of my regimen. I have been blow drying my hair for over two years. Blow drying keeps my hair manageable throughout the week, reducing knots, tangles, and breakage. Blow drying or heat is not required to achieve this hairstyle.  because it is not a huge difference. You do not have to use heat to achieve this hairstyle! The results for this hairstyle for me come with starting off with stretched dry hair.

No heat methods to stretch hair…
1.) Bunning Method — High bun or low bun
2.) One ponytail with a braid
3.) Curlformers, flexi rods, or roller set (without heat)
4.) Banding
5.) African Threading

My Blow Drying Demo:

To achieve this hairstyle I used Cantu Shea Butter pomade and spritzed the hair with water that was mixed with a small amount of glycerin. Using a small amount of glycerin with my water has just become habit since last year. It does help with keeping moisture in the hair longer. I only use a small amount so that the hair does not become too greasy and weighed down.

Wrapping my twist has been something I’ve always done to keep my regular and loose two strand twist stretched out.

How long this style will and can last depends on many things, hair type, products used for hold, climate, daily activities, etc. Results will vary! Have fun and be creative!

My shine: I decided to make a section for this, because it is one of my most frequently asked questions for most hairstyle videos. I have been doing consistent deep conditioning/hot oil treatments using a hair dryer for over two years. I have low porosity hair, so my hair absolutely thrives with these treatments. Over time I developed a beautiful shine with my hair. Also, I am now using the Cantu Shea Butter Pomade, which is nice for adding even more shine!

My deep conditioning/hot oil treatment routine:
My earrings are from an accessory store here in Houston. I don’t remember the name of the store.
My hair is not dyed. It looks dark in person, but when the light hits it, it has a reddish brown tint. So, I think it is more lighting that makes it look jet black.

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