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Yes, I had to have a little fun and post only 1/2 of a flat ironed photo for you! LOL! It keeps it interesting! I will be posting a full photo tomorrow! I am really loving my straight hair. It is super cute, and yes,  I have been swinging it! Not sure how long this will last, but I will try to get at least two weeks out of it or more. It is not super super straight, but it’s straighter than it has ever been. I had to trim slightly.It looks like it is going to rain today, and the humidity is kind of high, so I will bun it up when I go outside today. 🙂

I will have details on what I did and used coming soon. Just enjoy my nice tease!

“Easy Natural Hair”
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“Natural Hair” Frequently Asked Questions

1.)    Do you typically wash your hair in sections, now that your hair is longer?

If washed loose do the strands wrap around each other?

How do you prevent knots and tangles?

No, I do not wash my hair in sections. I tried it before in the past, and I didn’t like it.  I wash my hair in the shower, and I find that it makes it easier to detangle the hair and decrease the number of knots.

2.)    How often do you wash your hair?

Do you have any stress spots or spots where your hair grows slower?

If so, what do you do?

Do you cut it or see if it catches up with the rest?

I wash my hair weekly. The crown of my head seems to grow slower than the rest. My hair naturally grows in layers, so it is obvious some spots grow faster than others.

The back of my hair grows faster than the rest. I cut about 3 or more inches off in the past, to even it out. I felt like it looked like a mullet. That is the only time I have cut my hair to even things out.

3.)    Did you ever trim your hair? If so, How often and How much?

Did you have any setbacks? If so, what?

How much do you think your hair grows? months, years, etc.

How long do you leave your twist in?

How do you moisturize while wearing twist?

How much growth did/do you get from wearing twist?

Yes, I trim my hair only when needed. Usually it is every 6 months, so twice a year. I had to trim my hair, because at one point I was blow drying once every 1-2 months, and needed to make sure I was getting rid of any dry or split ends from that routine.

I think my hair grows the average ½ an inch a month, but I also think it grows faster at the end of the year. It seems like my hair always transforms at the end of each year.  The most important thing is retention. I believe I retain about 4-5 inches each year.

On average I will leave my twist in for about 3-4 weeks.  When wearing twist, I moisturize my ends by spritzing them lightly with water and then adding a little oil or leave in.

I retain a good amount of length when wearing twist. If I wear them a full month, I may retain ½ an inch, which is average.

4.)    What is the best way to retain length, or

What routine worked best for you?

A consistent regimen including keep the hair cleaned, weekly deep conditioning/hot oil treatments, low manipulation, and protective styling. These are all the things that really helped to keep my hair healthy and also help me to retain more length.

5.)    What are some other good protective hairstyles without braiding or twisting?

There are so many different hairstyles you can do with natural hair. I just recently did a video with my winter protective hairstyles. You can check that video out. There are several styles you can do with loose hair. The styles I did with twist can also be done with loose hair.

Link here to “Winter Protective Hairstyles” – http://youtu.be/ICH4QUnbFmw

6.)    I would really like to know how you stayed motivated.

Did you ever get the urge to press your hair?

I am two years into my journey with no heat.

My goal was to reach waist length first in 2013, but I am really fighting the urge to blow dry or press.

What kept you from pressing your hair?

I can’t say that I resisted the temptation. I used the blow dryer for the first time since being natural at the beginning of my second year. After that I would blow dry once ever y 1-2 months. I was able to resist the flat iron, but I will be flat ironing for the first time in December. I wanted to wait until I reached waist length before flat ironing.  I never really had a fear about using heat, so it was not something that made me nervous. I will say if you have set a goal to not use heat until waist length, I encourage you to try to stick to your word, but if you decide not to wait, I will not be mad. Always remember to keep it fun, and you have the right to do whatever you want to do with YOUR hair.

7.)    I know you are celebrating waist length, but would you ever consider cutting your hair?

Talking about the future, where do you see your hair in the next five years?

Would it still be natural, red, locs, etc.?

I don’t see myself cutting my hair any time soon, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do it. I enjoy having long hair right now.  I have discussed with my husband donating hair when it gets really long.

I have thought about coloring my hair with henna. I am slightly interested in reddish brown hair. I also told my husband I may do locs when I am older, maybe in my 50s or 60s. You never know what can happen

8.)    How do you keep your hair moisturized throughout the week without getting product build up?

How often do you wash?

What are your staple products?

How do you deal with single strand knots?

Who are your favorite natural hair youtubers?

I am currently using lighter products. These are products with more natural ingredients, so they don’t usually cause a lot of product build up. I was using Cantu in the past, which was a great product, but it had silicone which can build up on the hair easily. You have to be careful if you are applying it every day. Silicone can be great for adding shine and maintaining styles, but it can also cause a lot of product build up. I also wash my hair weekly, so my hair is always thoroughly cleaned. My must have product is extra virgin olive oil. I have used it for most of my natural hair journey and my hair loves it. I don’t think I will ever stop using it.

Single strand knots are a normal part of having curly hair. I get them, my daughter who has looser curls get them.  To minimize them my normal solution was to just keep the hair stretched, but lately I have been doing wash and gos, so I had to come up with different methods. I refresh my hair daily, so I make sure to do a light finger comb to make sure there are not strands tied around each other or itself. I also make sure to always wash in the shower. It really helps when the running water runs down your hair and stretches the strands out for you. The water makes it easier to detangle the hair, and prevent more knots and tangles.

9.)    Do you think you would have reached waist length without the big chop?

Yes, there are many people who are able to transition to natural hair without big chopping. I did the big chop, because I was just curious about my hair. At the time I had no idea I was going natural. I didn’t know anything about going natural etc. There are lots of long term transitioners.

10.) Were you ever embarrassed after your big chop?

What did you do in order to overcome the feeling of wanting to relax?

Please go over your hair products and regimen?

Yes, it was a little hard in the beginning when everyone was responding negatively to my hair. It was such a drastic change for me, I had to get used to it. In the end, it didn’t matter though. I had already made up my mind, and in the end really didn’t care what anyone thought about the hair on MY head.

The products I am currently using is extra virgin olive oil, Giovanni Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave In. Sometimes I mix a little glycerin in my conditioner. I also use a little eco styler for my wash and go.

“Natural Hairstyles” – My 10 Winter Protective Styles

"Natural Hair" MY 10 Winter Protective Hairstyles

Hi everyone, it’s Alicia and I am doing a really quick video on my favorite winter protective hairstyles. A little bit about my winter regimen it is the same as the rest of the year. I don’t really do anything different. I live in Houston. It doesn’t get really cold here. During this time it can go all the way down to the 50s and under and then the next day I will be in shorts.

So, let’s go through my favorite styles. Here on Youtube I have created so many different hairstyles. So, what I have done is compiled a bunch of the styles I have done in the past.

Some of these styles were done on blown out hair, stretched hair, curly hair; you can do them however you like.

The first hairstyle is the hair bow updo. This was a cute hairstyle that I saw on Paris Hilton. I did this hairstyle with my two strand twist, but it can also be done on loose hair. It is a really simple and fun hairstyle.

The next hairstyle is an elegant simple updo. It is a really nice style that you can wear to dinner or a nice event including a wedding or you can make it fun and wear it casual. It is still nice and will give you a beautiful look.

The next style is the big bun with my loose two strand twist. I love wearing the loose twist over the regular two strands, because you get a fuller look. We already know the bun is something that can be done with loose hair.

Another style with my loose two strand twist is this really fun and funky updo. This is one of those hairstyles where I was just experimenting with my hair, and trying to create a new hairstyle.  That is the great thing about hair. You can just have fun with it. Play around with your hair to create really fun but nice hairstyles.

This next style was created by Draya from the first season of Basketball Wives.  It was really cute on her, so I had to try it. I did this style while wearing two strand twists. It’s simple and it’s cute.

Next is the side bun, one of my favorite updos that I have ever done. You can call it a French twist, it looks very similar. It’s a beautiful hairstyle, simple to do with a banana clip and a few hair pins.

Another style is what I like to call, the tuck it in hairstyle. It almost looks like it is something that is complex, but it is very simple. It has a very nice and conservative look, but I think it is also something you can make casual.

Also, the Angelina Jolie Golden Globe Look.  It was really beautiful on her. I saw it on her, and I had to try it. You can dress it up or dress it down. I always like to try styles that I can wear anywhere. That’s what keeps it fun, doing the hairstyle that fits you or that fits your lifestyle.

One of my go to hairstyles….. the high bun with the banana clip. If you have been subscribed to me for a while, you know the banana clip is my best friend. I have had the same one for over two years. You can create so many hairstyles with the banana clip. I always get the question, where did I get my clip from, I believe CVS or Walgreens.  It’s not the little thin flimsy ones, it is nice and thick.

My last hairstyle is the sort of messy bun. When I uploaded this hairstyle video, I uploaded it as a messy bun, because I didn’t really try to create a clean look. I just threw it up in a ponytail and threw some pins in it. So, that is why I called it a messy bun, but It still has a neat look to it.

You can click on each video to watch the complete demo of how I do that hairstyle.

Thank you!

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