“Alicia James” No Heat Challenge!

Why? I’ve recently had to change my regimen. The more hair I get, the drier I noticed my ends. So, as much as I loved some of my staple products, I got rid of some and traded them in for something with more gentle ingredients. 🙂 More to come on that. I don’t want to lay out my new regimen until I have been doing it for a few months, and can truly say….THIS WORKS! lol!

Anyways…  I loooove my blown out hair.I did my first blow out when I was two years natural. It was the greatest experience eveeeer! I looove the big huge hair, and I like how easy it is to style. We all know that heat has it’s affects on our hair. It can dry it out, and also cause excessive shedding. I don’t use a comb attachment when blow drying, and I only blow dry my hair once it is dry,  just to get a quick stretch. With this method, I’ve never seen any negative effects due to my blow drying, but everyone is different. I only blow dry once a month, so maybe that it why it hasn’t been so bad. The reason I decided to do the challenge is for convenience really. I want to be able to manipulate less, and honestly just be able to walk out the door if I need to. Also I work out a lot and I don’t want to have to manipulate my hair too much.

My no heat challenge started 08/31/12,  it will end December 1. In December, I will be doing my first flat iron since being natural. 🙂

During my challenge I will be doing mostly wash and gos! 🙂

Join in if you like! 🙂


Protective Style/Low Manipulation Challenge! July 2012

I will be wearing my twist until my four year anniversary, September 1! After the challenge is over, I will be doing an official length check!

I do a challenge for myself at least 2-3 times a year. Protective styling and low manipulation has been a big part of my regimen, and me being able to retain length.  There are no big rules when I do my challenge, just that I won’t be wearing my loose during this time. 🙂

Anyone can join in, just choose your go to style.  Remember, choose styles that are low manipulation. The goal is to not have to do constant styling to your hair.

Have Fun! 🙂


Working On 3 Weeks! My Low Manipulation/Protective Style Challenge


I just realized it has been over 2 weeks since I started my protective style challenge!!! I’ve been taking care of my hair keeping it nice and moisturized.  I’ve also been wearing it in a sock bun most of the time. It is starting to look a bit fuzzy, but I’m okay with that. I am hoping I can keep them in for atlest 3-4 more weeks. That will be the longest time I’ve ever kept in two strand twist!  I guess we will see. My scalps have not been itching alot. Honestly, they just started itching a little bit today, I massaged them with a little EVOO, and it really has bothered me much.

I hope you guys are doing great with the challenge. I want to let you know that you can choose the style of your choice. This means, you don’t have to do two strand twist. You can bun, do braids, so many other styles.

Good luck!

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