Coils and Pig Tails ❤ Curly Hairstyles â¤

Beautiful Coils That Last on Curly Hair

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Wash and Go Challenge on 4a and 4b Natural Hair

So, I have been wearing nothing but wash and gos for nearly two months. I decided that the wash and go would be the best option for me, because I have been working out 6 days a week. I take a 60 minute class everyday, Zumba, Strength Training, and Cross Training. I found that it was really difficult to keep my hair stretched, and also my scalp was really irritated from the constant sweating. I decided that wearing a wash and go would work for my current lifestyle. This way I can conditioner wash my hair daily. I have been loving my wash and go, and also totally embracing shrinkage! My hair is extremely soft and bouncy. I will be sticking to this regimen for the rest of the year. It’s a great low manipulation hairstyle, good for keeping the hair moisturized, and I am hoping to see some great length retention.
I will keep you updated with details on my new regimen, things I learn, mistakes, etc.

I am calling it a challenge, because as a woman who has “4 type” hair, wash and gos are the one thing that most say is impossible. It can be frustrating, and the shrinkage can be discouraging. I am someone who religiously stretches my hair so I am excited about the possibilities!
Join Me!

Check out some of my wash and go videos here! 🙂


Back To The Wash and Go On My Tight Curly Hair

So, I am back at it again, and actually convinced that I may be challenging myself to keep it going until the end of the year. The wash and go! I was super excited about wearing them again. The wash and go from this video lasted six days. It could have lasted longer, but I had to record a hair video. 🙂

Who said us tight curly hair girls can’t wear a wash and go? I want to prove them wrong!

Who wants to join me with this challenge?!!!? 🙂

Wash and go n 4a 4b hair

This is day 3 on my wash and go.
I have not had to re wet my hair.
I am using the pineapple method (high ponytail) at night to maintain the hairstyle.
In the morning I add a little oil, shake and go.

I used the IC Fantasia Gel and Herbal Essence Hello Hydration rinse out conditioner.
I used a blow dryer to get my hair at least 50% dry and then let it air dry.

Wash and Go Videos:

Last Thoughts On My Wash and Go

Okay…before I get started let me say,  I am not speaking for anyone else. This is about my experience and what I’ve learned! 🙂

So, I have been experimenting with wash and gos for the last couple of weeks. I’ve talked about in my blog/vlogs lately. In the beginning of my journey all I did was wear wash and gos! It was soooo much easier with my twa!



When my hair got longer, wash and gos  became a thing of the past. I noticed so much tangling and knotting. Detangling was a nightmare after a wash and go. Also, the shrinkage can be crazy, and from what I’ve experience; lots of shrinkage=knots. I became really frustrated with that process. I’ve done several videos on the YT, where I said I was done with the wash and go, and I hated them! But…. I always go back! LOL! I guess I figure there has got to be an easy way to wear our hair in its natural state and wear it with a little more ease. Sometimes I don’t want to go through the different methods of stretching the hair.

This time I decided to not go back in to the relationship blind! (feels like a relationship with the wash and go) LOL! I did a lot of research, I watched a lot of videos, I read about others experience with similar textures. Finally, I felt like I had enough information to give it a try once again. Well…. it was a PASS!!! I feel like I have finally mastered the wash and go!*Click HERE to read my blog on mastering my wash & go!* With mastering the wash and go, I even tried using Suave Naturals and eco styler.  This also gave me nice results! I was able to maintain my wash and go for at least five days. *Click HERE to read about my method for maintaining my wash and go*


Now,  let’s really dig into this….

I really love the look of my wash and go now, but I don’t think it is something I will ever make a big part of my regimen. Buuuut I will most definitely do it again! ha haa! I will detail my experience below!

They are beautiful! It’s nothing like seeing those tight coils sticking together, every strand of hair clumped together nicely! The problem is for ME, there is always a big price to pay. Doesn’t matter what methods I use, the wash and go ends in long detangling sessions, and loss of more hair than usual. I do enjoy them, and feel like I’ve mastered the way my wash and gos look, but I can’t do 2-3 hour long detangling sessions to prevent excessive hair loss.  I use some of the tips from the curly girl method, but I find that my hair responds better with this method when I do a twistout. The hair is extremely soft, but nice and stretch preventing unnecessary tangles.

Not trying to scare anyone. Just sharing my experience.

Don’t think the wash and go is a no go. I want to share the method that Naptural85 uses for her wash and gos. I’ve done this method for a couple of years now, but I’ve been referring to it as a wet twist out. My results are sooo much better with these results, and if you are having issues with tangling during your wash and gos, because of your tight coils, you should try this method.

Naptural85’s Wash and Go Method

So, I will leave you with these words of wisdom! LOL! Always wanted to say that…. The key is embracing what you have. Our tight toils can be really unpredictable, stubborn, and a whole lot of other things. Embrace what you have and make your hair work for YOU, don’t work for your hair! It gets easier when you accept what your hair can’t do, and you start exploring and finding the things that it CAN do! Good luck! Share your stories below…the good and the bad! 🙂

How I Make My Twistout Look Like A Wash and Go

I have really tightly curled/coiled hair. My hair shrinks up over 70% of it’s actual length. Yes!!!! I really love my curls and coils, so I had to figure out how I could wear them, but get a more stretched look. I am not sure how I stumbled upon this, but one day decided to do my twist out on wet hair. I discovered by pulling apart each section and pinning it up for a little bit, I could get stretched out curls. 🙂 Oh how lovely. My hair has grown alot since then, and I really love the look. So, how could I not share this with you guys! 🙂

It’s really simple. I think if you have tight coils you may be able to get a similar result. 🙂


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