“Love Me So Naturally” – Meeting

So, today we had the meeting to iron out the details for the music video for “Love Me So Naturally”! I am really excited! I think you guys will be very pleased! This will definitely be a beautiful video! I know you all are looking forward to seeing who will be in the video! πŸ™‚ You all sent some beautiful photos!

Thanks so much to Emaqlate Forever for delivering some great work and also having such a great vision.


“Your Perfect Woman” Sign Language

Wow….If this isn’t beautiful, I really don’t know what is……I am just so thankful to everyone who understand my music and just thankful that it touches each person in a different way. Real music to me is music that makes you feel something….

New Music Video

Very excited that my new music video for my single “Seven” has just been released. It has been featured on several blogs already. Over 3,000 views inΒ only a few days.

Check it out!

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