5 Easy Tips For Working Out With Straight Natural Hair

This is one of the most asked questions I get when I post my workout photos to instagram.
How do you maintain your heat stretched hair when working out?

I have a few easy tips that I use to maintain my hair along with working out. Now, these are just the things that have worked for me. Hopefully they will help you to create a routine that works for you!

A Few Important Details

☑ I work out 4-5 days during the week. Each day I do bout 2-3 hours of cardio and strength training.☑
☑ I wash my hair once a week
☑  I heat stretch once a week on wash day

One of the most important things to start off with when creating a routine for your hair and workouts is a schedule. Plan how often you NEED to wash your hair. This is probably going to depend on how much you sweat, and also just a personal preference. Just remember that less is always better with any hair routine.
For Example; I know that I will be working out Monday – Friday, so washing my hair in the middle of the week is not necessary. I want to also note that my head does not sweat a lot, so this works in regards to personal hygiene. I usually take off with working out during the weekend, so Friday is always wash day. The reality is I only have a few days with fresh hair.

Secure and Protect The Hair
If your hair has been straightened the last thing you want to do is wear your hair down or out during your work out. It doesn’t take much for natural hair to revert. Stick with styles that keep the hair laid down and put away. I go towards, high buns, low buns. I make sure my edges are laid down and sometimes will tie my edges down with a satin scarf or a headband.

Let It Dry
After my workout I don’t touch my hair for at least an hour, giving any hair that may have been wet during my workout a chance to dry and stay in place. I try to avoid applying heat to my hair during the middle of the week, but if needed you can blow dry the roots lightly.

Be Realistic
I have been really big on heat stretching my natural hair for a very long time, but even I know that any type of moisture will quickly destroy the perfect blow out or flat iron no matter what you do. I don’t usually go for bone straight hair, because it just doesn’t work for my lifestyle. My goal is always to keep my hair stretched, but not necessarily bone straight. If you are working out hard throughout the week and sweating the reality is you are going to sweat in your head. So, it is always going to be important to have a simple and consistent routine to follow with your hair and workout.

Who Cares
Oh my gosh….. I swear I could not wait to get to this part! Who freakin’ cares???? When I get in the gym I go super hard. I sweat all over, and if I am not sweating like crazy I don’t feel like I’m going hard enough. The last thing I am thinking about is my hair and what the next person will think about it once I am done. My health and personal fitness goals are more important to me at this point! Hair < Health

The great thing is that you can have balance. Create a simple routine so that you can do both!
I hope this helps or inspires someone!!!

Good luck



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    Thank you so much for being a subscriber! I appreciate you!

  2. GREAT Blog Alicia! Even though I don’t have heat stretched hair, your tips are still helpful! I do sweat in my head(A LOT!) and if I put my two strand twists or my flat twist out into a high bun the bulk of my hair is not getting wet, only the roots and edges and as you recommended, if you keep your hair tied down(satin scarf!) and let it dry, it does save the style! So thank you and keep the tips coming, cause I’m paying attention and reaping the benefits!

  3. Thank you so much, I love learning from easynaturalhair.com and talking to my clients, this site really helps me because I own the hair salon, but I am a esthetician. I love helping & sharing Information with clients and sending them to your site. Thank You ♥

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