Curling Wand On My Natural Hair

* Quick Steps *

  • Minimize damage by starting on clean dry hair
  • Section Hair Into 4 Sections (2 in front and 2 in the back) to make styling easier and faster
  • Take small sections and wrap around the wand
  • Hold the wand into place no more than 10 seconds
  • Gently slide hair off the wand and hold in hand to cool for about 5 seconds and release the curl. This helps the curls to last longer
  • Repeat these steps until you are done

What Curling Wand Did You Use? Remington Tstudio Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand 1/2 – 1 inc barrel

Where Did You Get Your Curling Wand?

What Heat Protectant Did You Use? I have extra virgin olive oil on my hair, which is what I normally use as a heat protectant, but because I am working with dry hair, I did not add any more product to my hair. I do not want to risk frying or burning product into my hair.

How long does it take? It took me about 30 minutes. It was really simple after you got your rhythm.

What Temperature Did You Use? I used the curling wand on 284 degrees. The curling wand goes up to 410, but I personally don’t want to go anywhere near that with my fine strands.

Quick Note / Tip
The curling wand is bigger at the top and gets smaller towards the bottom. If you wrap your hair around the smaller section of the wand you will get tighter curls. If you wrap your hair around the bigger part of the wand you will get bigger / looser curls. The curls got bigger throughout the day as I moved around and went out. I actually liked the fullness as the day went on. The curls lasted to the next day. I put my hair in a loose high bun, not expecting to have the curls, but woke up with big hair and loose curls. It was definitely still wearable. So, if you do the proper night time maintenance you should be able to get more wear out of this hairstyle.

If you would like to discuss this more in detail or if you have any other questions regarding natural hair. Click The link below! I look forward to speaking with you! Google Helpout - Natural Hair ———————————————
“easy natural hair”

Click For More “Natural Hair” videos!

3 thoughts on “Curling Wand On My Natural Hair

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  1. I use a Karmin clipless with ceramic tourmaline and is amazing!! as a heat protectant I use argan oil by Pro Naturals is much better than olive oil because is no greasy at all and leaves your hair nice and shiny. 🙂

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