You Are Better Than Average – Happy New Year!

So, it’s the end of December and it is that time where everyone is deciding what they want to do different for the next year. I know it is becoming “unpopular” for people to make New Years Resolutions now, so I won’t use the term. What I will say though is,  I personally don’t feel like there is anything wrong with admitting that you didn’t do all of the things that you wanted this year, so you plan to tackle those things again for the next year. Now, you don’t have to wait until next year, you can start TODAY! WAIT, after you finish reading the rest of this! LOL!

So, in November I was really enjoying ET The Hip Hop Preacher’s series on “Allergic To Average”. The reason why I bring this up, is because I think this is why most people have begun to despise the whole idea of “New Years resolutions”. It becomes this vicious non productive cycle of halfway planning and not implementing. A lot of talking with zero action. You start the beginning of the year with all of these goals and by the end of the year only completing one. When do you stop being okay with “okay”.?!?

I’ve spent a lot of this year pushing myself passed limits in ways that I never thought possible. Every single day, I made it my duty to make myself uncomfortable. It should hurt, I should be tired, I should feel like I have given every inch of of me! I want to tell you, because of this, I’ve done things that I NEVER thought I could or would ever do. You would be amazed at how powerful you  are, and how you CAN make your dreams come true, if you STOP being average. Average is easy, EVERYONE does it. To live an extraordinary life push yourself to extraordinary limits!


I hope and I pray this inspires you!


Alicia James ❤❤❤

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