Youtube Is Destroying My Natural Hair!

*The photos above show my hair this year! As you can see, although my hair is still long,  it pretty much appears that my hair is at a stand still.*

Ok…Maybe not Youtube, but the title does have a ring to it! LOL!


I know that this my sound totally crazy, but I was inspired to write this blog due to my recent hair war. Yes, it is an all out war now! We are in the middle of a full battle, blowing up hair products and all! It’s going down!

This year has been my worse year in managing my hair. I feel like early this year I was really trying to focus on low manipulation, but my videos were becoming repetitive and just plain boring! So, I went back to the old me and starting delivering those styles again. I do enjoy that though.  Who wants to be a boring natural??? Not meeee! It is nothing like doing a cute style and sharing it on Youtube for everyone to put their own twist on it! I know the struggle of not knowing what to do with natural hair, so I love sharing ideas! I just refuse to accept that we can not have fun with our hair. That’s another blog though!

Anyways…I’ve been able to deliver my hairstyles again, but oh gooosh, this requires me to leave my hair out so much. Forget low manipulation, I feel like my hands are always in my head. I was watching Naptural85 recently on her vlog, and she mentioned how she is not able to wear her low manipulation styles for a long period of time either due to her video making. I wanted to jump through the screen and high five her…like giiiiiirl!

So, I decided with starting off next year I will do better. Nothing is totally impossible in my opinion. It may not be in the form or the way you want it, but there is always a way to work things out. So, what I decided to do is re do my entire schedule as far as recording and uploading. Moving around these dates and times so that my subscribers get quality videos, but my hair gets a nice and needed rest. In between recording I will be wearing two strand twist for three weeks straight each month. I will be sharing more details on my new regimen in January. I am truly trying to get back to the basics.  Oh yeah…also the new products I have been working with. I will be blogging about that soon!

So, I just wanted to share this with you, so that you know even us “natural hair vloggers” (refusing to call myself a guru LOL!) struggle with our hair too. We have setbacks, we have challenges, we have times we have to start all over again. So, don’t let the magic of Youtube (the world of showing only what you want) trick you into thinking something must be wrong with you, because we all have perfect hair! NOT!

I feel like I am definitely an expert on my hair, but sometimes I can admit that I don’t follow my own rules.


So, tell me about any setbacks you have had during your journey?


More about my hair growth here! 


12 thoughts on “Youtube Is Destroying My Natural Hair!

  1. Took me so long to finally comment on a blogpost on here (dunno why I never commented, though…..strange…..anyways….).
    I totally see where you’re coming from with this and I watched Whit’s vlog (DearNaptural85) where she said that.
    Protective styling is key in growing out your hair and plays quite a huge part in keeping it looking good and healthy.
    Honestly, I love your twists and I totally want tips on keeping mini twists in longer than 2 weeks (and having them not looking all fuzzy and frizzy) and caring for my mini twists better, et cetera. So, I’m totally cool with you having mini twists in for 3 weeks every month. If I were you, I’ll do the same thing instead of manipulating my hair ever so often.
    Oh! and thinking about it, by doing this, you are basically helping people specialise in the twists area and learn the importance of protective styling and how it helps our hair.
    I mean, don’t most of us want long hair. I know most of us crave that. This helps and you’ll be showing them a way to retain length and grow their hair out easily…..without having to spend 4 minutes of their lives with their heads upside down. 🙂

  2. LOL! @ The head upside down! Always thinking of a new theory to grow hair fast! LMBO! I totally agree with you! Happy you would be open to those types of videos! I am all about my twist and definitely miss them being a big part of my regimen! I will be doing them after the weekend. I have a holiday party with my hubby and some final videos to record for the month. Thank yooouu! 🙂 🙂

  3. Hi Alicia, GREAT post! Um, I’ve been natural for about 9 years and I’ve been on my natural hair journey for about 20-21 months now and I haven’t had any set backs…yet! At first I struggled with how to moisturize my hair, realizing how often to moisturize my hair, I think I was over moisturizing, my pillow would be soaked with oil..and that’s with wearing 2 scarfs and a bonnet! I was mistaking oiling up my hair instead of wetting up my hair with water. Well I’ve finally got the hang of it and I can tell when my hair is lacking moisture or when I can let it be! And a little oil goes a long, long way! I occasionally may get a knot that needs cut out, but that’s it! I really appreciate your blogs, vlogs and videos and just you being honest about your journey! On one end I do want to try different styles but I’m a little scared to manipulate my hair too much and cause breakage, especially when I have not even reached my desired length yet! The most manipulation I do with my hair is flat twists and I give myself a long break in between. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I wish you all the best on your future hair routines and filming and let me say to me your videos are NEVER EVER boring, I love em all! I’ve learned so much from you this past year missaliciajames, you’re AWESOME girl! Keep up the GREAT work, thanks for sharing your journey and your up and downs it is truly appreciated! Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND! 🙂

  4. I just hit one year natural and I feel like my hair stopped growing as well. I want it to get to a length where I can put in minitwists without looking like a 32 year old child. My hair is weird because my ends are soooo thick. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it. I notice that I have to work hard to get my ends to stay in the twists. I keep my hair well moisturized but my ends!!!!! I just dont know anymore!!!! My hair is not yet long enough to make a bun so my ends are constantly exposed. I just took out twists which I had in for three weeks. My hair shed so bad I think I did more harm than good. I don’t plan on dong braids ever again. My hair comes to my lip when pulled. Do you have any style suggestions for me? Oh yeah, I also work in corporate america so I have to be careful with my styles.

  5. Hey girl, great post. My setback, can only wear protective styles for on week because on Day 9 my hair starts to loc up, which would be perfect but not the look I am going for, I really wish my protective style which are twists could last at least 2 weeks, 3 would be a dream come true, any suggestions anyone, your help and advice will be greatly appreciated, will be doing mini twists tomorrow and will try to keep them in for 2 weeks, we shall see 🙂 Thanks Ms. Alicia, you are a doll 🙂

  6. My setback is that I can’t seem to get rid of my damaged ends. No matter how much I trim, it seems that they are still there. I’ve been seriously thinking about doing a semi BC again and start fresh. That’s the worse case scenario of course, but it may come to that. My hair grows really fast, but it defeats the purpose if I have to keep trimming it.

  7. Great post, Alicia. I know when I first started watching your videos, you said the twists grew your hair and it was a great protective style. I miss your twists. So I hope you have some videos with them. I wear my twist for a month but I would love to see how u style yours as they get older. Love your videos and your family’s as well. Keep up the awesome work.

  8. I’m going into my 4th year natural and my hair has simply stopped growing. Okay maybe not, but the amount and rate of breakage I’ve been dealing with supersedes the growth rate of my hair. What am I doing differently now that I was or wasn’t doing before? Styling my hair on a regular basis. I’m twisting almost every other night and as time progressed, I noticed that I was picking up more and more hair off my bathroom floor just from twisting my hair. I’ve never tried mini-twists but this is something I may seriously consider.

  9. I am a new blogger on here and I had no idea you had a blog! I am subscribed to your youtube channel and you are such an inspiration for us natural girls! Keep up the good work!

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