Straw Curls On Two Strand Twist – Natural Hairstyle

straw curls on two strand twist video collage

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4 thoughts on “Straw Curls On Two Strand Twist – Natural Hairstyle

  1. STRAW CURLS are ALL THAT! YOU GO wit your FABULOUS hairstyles Alicia! Thanks for sharing and have a WONDERFUL WEEK!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Love it for a very formal event, like a wedding, anniversary, will try for sure!!!!

  3. i really liked your video! I’m going to re-blog on my page. Have you ever tried straw curls with loose hair? Also, when you get a chance please check it my blog. 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on naturallyfromme and commented:
    I think this is such a great use of inexpensive items. You can get a whole box of straws for less than $7 (If I’m not mistaken). This video pretty much explains it all! I love the look. It can be formal or informal. It looks amazing!! I want to try it with loose hair…I can only imagine the bounce of those curls!!! lol Make sure you watch the video!!!

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