My Five Year Healthy Hair Journey – Natural Hair! *Photos / Video*

Five Year Natural Hair Journey

This has truly been an amazing journey! I still can’t believe that it has been five years since my big chop! Craaaazy! It’s been bigger than hair for me. I’ve transformed so much, not only on the outside, on the inside. I’ve had an opportunity to meet and be inspired by so many wonderful people. I appreciate you all for following me on my journey. There is so much more to come, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. 🙂

Thank you!

Check out my journey here, and watch how my hair transformed!

If you would like to discuss this more in detail or if you have any other questions regarding natural hair. Click The link below! I look forward to speaking with you! Google Helpout - Natural Hair ————————————————————————-
“easy natural hair”

Click For More “Natural Hair” videos!

3 thoughts on “My Five Year Healthy Hair Journey – Natural Hair! *Photos / Video*

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Alicia! THIS IS WONDERFUL! You know I showed your flat ironed hair video to my brother and he was amazed! He said “it’s sad but he never thought that African American women could have hair like that” and he said that your hair is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! I can’t say it enough I am sooo EXCITED for the future of my hair! I can’t wait to see what you have coming up, I will definitely stay tuned!

  2. Hello there. I have some questions and I’m a little curious as to what to look forward to when I finish my transitioning. I’ll be going into 8 months soon, and I’m really looking for some encouragement because I’m a freshman in highschool doing this. If there are any tips, help or anything you can give me I’d be more than thankful to know

  3. Hi Alicia, i read your blog religiously. I am 3months into my transition. I decided to cut the hair into a short bob in order to facilitate treatment n styling. My question is what oil can i use for my scalp? as i have very dry hair. I stopped using DAX.

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