Struggling With My Natural Hair & New Hair Growth Journey!

Various hairstyles on natural hair

I’ve experience so many different things with my natural hair! I’ve enjoyed the entire experience. It is so funny, because most people think that I have this perfect journey. The reason I’ve been able to learn so much throughout my journey is because of the struggle. There are those things that work perfectly, and then there are those times when everything seems to be doing the complete opposite of what you want it to do. I know most of us have gone through that. The difference is, some give up, and some continue to work at it and figure it out.

I’ve never been one to just give up….

Watch the video to find out more about my recent struggles and also me starting a new hair growth journey!

8 thoughts on “Struggling With My Natural Hair & New Hair Growth Journey!

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  1. Hi Alicia! My name is Keren and I’ve been watching your videos for about a year now but I have not subscribed yet. “I’m sorry!Well, I am going to subscribe today! I really want to show my support and appreciation for what you are doing! I really enjoy your videos and I share your excitement about your hair lengths! It may sound silly to some people but I always seen myself as a person with long hair, as a child I would dream and in my dreams I would always have long hair. It’s not vanity, I just really want to do different styles and have a swinging ponytail! Growing up I thought when I get older it will grow longer but it never got past the basic should length. I have been natural for over 8 yrs but I have been on my hair journey for about 13 and a half months. I have reached APL in the back but my sides are still a little past my collar bone.Grow sides grow! I can’t wait till I reach WL! I am 5’9 and have a long neck and back so I know it’s gonna take a while to get there but I am excited for the future of my hair. OK, this comment is turning into a story, I’m sorry! I will be watching your upcoming videos and actively showing my support of your channel! GO MS.ALICIA JAMES! Thanks again for sharing your hair journey!

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for being honest about your journey. I actually experienced the same thing earlier this year. In previous years, my hair was in protective styling with sew-ins and twists (not even for growth but because of time). This year, I decided to wear my own hair more which was nice for awhile but I noticed differences as well. I honestly don’t even know if I have retained any length this year but I am grateful to learn my lesson now rather than later.

  3. Hi Alicia,
    I have been natural for two years now. However it wasn’t on purpose. I fell in love with getting sew-ins. I discovered my natural hair durning the process, started looking thru the you tube videos on natural hair and started watching you and others. I made a commitment to myself to embrace my natural hair. There wasn’t a need for the big chop but to discover my curl pattern to I decided to cut some. I admit,This is hard!
    How do I keep my curls looking as good as they do when my hair is wet. My struggle is the dryness and looking puffy. Why must I have to wet My hair every day?

    Thanks for all you do for us out here. Your inspiration is awesome!


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