Diffusing My Tight Curly Natural Hair

Wash and go - natural hair 4a/4b

I started off with freshly washed hair.

I added in my Herbal Essence Conditioner. I leave my rinse out conditioner in. Then I added my gel. I used the Fantasia IC Gel. After I made sure that my product was added to all of my hair, I started diffusing immediately. After I finished diffusing my hair, I noticed my hair was stuck to my head. I used my oil to soften up the hair, and also stretch it out afterwards. This was my first time using a diffuser, but overall I think the results were nice. Did I notice a huge difference from regular blow drying, not really, but it’s an healthier option. 🙂 Diffusing does take a little more time than regular blow drying. The entire process, adding product and diffusing took me about 30 – 45 minutes. I Blow dryer settings: high fan and medium heat. The blow dryer I used is by Remington. I purchased it from Walmart for about $20.

My wash and go usually lasts 5-7 days on average. I use the bunning or pineapple method to maintain my hairstyle at night.

Bunning Method: http://youtu.be/EhJIPiBlLeQ

Pineapple Method: http://youtu.be/sBh0PdEJf34

Stretching My Hair Video: *Coming Soon*

*I always get questions about my shine*
My shine happened over time. I give credit to my consistent deep conditioning/hot oil treatment routine. It is something that I do each time that I wash my hair.
I also like to add a little oil to my hair after I complete a style.
I use extra virgin olive oil.
My Deep conditioning/hot oil treatment routine: http://youtu.be/Dq1mZqW0p6I

More Wash and Go Videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcUeTqEG2SWKLGMjk7t9dROyFGXewRRb-

My Hair Regimen: http://easynaturalhair.com/my-hair-regimen/
My Hair Growth Journey: http://easynaturalhair.com/my-hair-growth-journey/
Quick Tips On Going Natural: http://easynaturalhair.com/7-easy-steps-for-natural-hair/


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