Back To The Wash and Go On My Tight Curly Hair

So, I am back at it again, and actually convinced that I may be challenging myself to keep it going until the end of the year. The wash and go! I was super excited about wearing them again. The wash and go from this video lasted six days. It could have lasted longer, but I had to record a hair video. 🙂

Who said us tight curly hair girls can’t wear a wash and go? I want to prove them wrong!

Who wants to join me with this challenge?!!!? 🙂

Wash and go n 4a 4b hair

This is day 3 on my wash and go.
I have not had to re wet my hair.
I am using the pineapple method (high ponytail) at night to maintain the hairstyle.
In the morning I add a little oil, shake and go.

I used the IC Fantasia Gel and Herbal Essence Hello Hydration rinse out conditioner.
I used a blow dryer to get my hair at least 50% dry and then let it air dry.

Wash and Go Videos:


8 thoughts on “Back To The Wash and Go On My Tight Curly Hair

  1. Rachel Akilimali April 1, 2013 — 1:16 pm

    I prefer your hair whith the wash and go 🙂
    It gives you more carater!!

  2. curlytressfifi April 1, 2013 — 4:13 pm

    Loving your wash and go curls. I prefer a wash and go to anything else these days.

  3. I love your wash and go curls, I think we have the same hair pattern. I’m up for the challenge.

  4. How do you get bounce or movement with your hair. I have decent curl definition but when my hair dries, it is somewhat stiff and thick instead of light and fluffy. What might i be doing wrong? My hair type is similar to yours so I know i can achieve a better look than what i have now.

  5. When it comes to styling it is all about the product. I always say I don’t credit products for my growth, but they do play an important part when it comes to styling. At first I was plagued by the stiff wash and go. I have found that using thicker products with weight like gel or a thick butter. I know a lot of people hate that word, but gel has been great to me! I make sure that all of my hair has product. Making sure each strand is covered is key for me. I fluff it out a little after it is dry, and it has a great bounce. You don’t want to fluff out too much or it frizzes out the hair, the hair starts to draw up and gives you more of a stiff fro look. Now, I looove my fro, but if it is not the look you are going for at the moment you hairstyle is a fail.

    I hope that this helps you get the result you want or at least leads you in the right direction. 🙂

  6. Thank u 4 sharing.

  7. I want to join you! I have 4c very fine but thick hair which tangles if I so much as breath too hard on it! I did my first blow dry 4 days ago after watching your blow dry vid five times! I am ABSOLUTELY SCARED to try the wash and go

  8. If you don’t mind my asking, how long did it take for your hair to grow this long?

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