Beautiful Soft Waves On Natural Hair

Chunky Braid Out on Long Natural Hair - Natural Hairstyle

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  1. Hi Alicia my name is kella and I have been natural from October last year after doing the BC. I have a question I’m hoping you can help with. My hair is kinda curly and kinkyish lol. It’s not African per say but has half African and half Indian. The texture is usually soft. My question is that I notice that in the middle of my head the texture is completely different to the other parts. It’s straight, gives a lot of trouble to curl and is overtaken by frizz always. I have tried cutting the ends but that didn’t work. Is it normal to have that part that does not quite curl like the others? No matter how much product I use or gel it curls like a little at the top with more frizz than the other parts. Also can you advise on twist hair does not hold the twist out. It becomes frizzy a lot after. It’s curls easy though like when it wet or has any product in it. It jus doesn’t seem to hold the defininition I see when real nappy girls do their twist out. Should i use gel in my twist outs?

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  2. Hi Kella!
    Yes, it is completely normal to have several different textures and curl patterns. My crown has a really tight, kinky curly pattern. The very back has loose curls. The rest of my hair is tight coils. A lot of natural have the same issue. If your curls are loose in the crown area or top of your head, try using the plopping method, this will help the curls to clump, and form more of the curl that you want. Also, make sure you are using a product that will help hold your hair together. A lot of curlies use a leave in along with gel to minimize frizz and hold their curls together.
    Using gel and a thick leave in can also help with your twist outs. Also, the smaller the twist that better. The longer you leave the twist in, the longer the twist out will last.

    I hope this info helps you!

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. Hi Kelly in new And I was thinking of thinking of doing a wash and go but my hair goes frizzy instead of curly could you help??

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