Detangling Curly Hair

kelli collage for detangling curly hair video

So, no two heads are the same, especially when it comes to me and my daughter. Our hair is completely different. We use similar methods, but there are just some things that don’t work for me that work for her. The great thing is when it comes to detangling we use the same method, even though detangling her hair is soooo much easier than detangling mine.
Before washing, start off with a light finger detangling. Pulling apart any curls or hair that may be stuck together. Also, use your fingers to pull apart the hair that gets stuck together and tangled at the roots. When we don’t do this, washing the hair with tangles causes more knots that are usually hard to get out afterwards.
After the hair is lightly finger detangled, wash and condition as normal.
Once the hair is clean, we add a conditioner and then start to finger detangle small sections of the hair one by one. Take the finger and think of it as a wide tooth comb. Start from the ends lightly raking the finger s through and go up to the roots. When you run into knots and tangles, take your time pulling the hair apart. After the hair is fully finger detangled we like to smooth the hair down with a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush. This clumps the curls together, and will smooth down the hair strands.
Very simple, and usually takes about 15-30 minutes to detangle.

Quick Tips:
I keep our hair stretched out, so detangling has become easier. Kelli can wear a wash and go, and detangling is still not difficult, because of her looser curl pattern. I have really tight coils, and if I wear a wash and go for several days, I normally lose more hair during the detangling, and it takes more time.

Washing Kelli’s Curly Hair:
Washing My Tight Curly Hair:
Detangling Kelli’s Curly Hair:

I hope this helps someone!

Natural Hair Videos (click links below):
Alicia James

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  1. Good post,

    If curly hair gets very tangled, matted or knotty-conditioner can’t even help. We can never be lazy when it comes to detangling children’s hair anyway.

    Because detangling is really a technique in itself, we always have to consider the issue of different hair types and textures. Finger detangling is good, but it must be done in conjunction with the right products and combs.

    Wet detangling is good for minor tangles. But using water & vinegar on tangled matted hair is not always a good option. Dry detangler products like the Take Down Remover cream soften hair immensely and make it easier to save you hair and time.

    We specialize in detangling hair that is severely matted or tangled.

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