Last Minute Valentine’s Day Hairstyle!

Last Minute Hairstyle on straightened long natural hair

I decided it would be fun to a nice last minute video! I really recorded and edited this video today! I never do that! LOL! Buuuuut I love you guys, and this is my way of spending Valentine’s Day with you all! 🙂

My hair in this video is an almost week old blow out. It was a braid out, but I had been out with the hubby, and I don’t know what happened from there. LOL!

Blow drying is a normal part of my regimen, so with all of my hairstyles, results will vary. You do not have to blow dry your hair to achieve this hairstyle. This will be beautiful with your curls, a twist out, braid out, bantu knot out, flexi rod curls, waves, kinks, etc.

Info on how often I blow dry, maintenance, and more here:

Earrings are from a store here in Houston, I can’t remember the name. aaaaah!

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