Trimming My Natural Hair

Trimming My Ends - Alicia James

OOOOOOO Aaaaaaah! Trimming LOL!

I just had to start this post off by saying that! It seems trimming or cutting is a scary word in the “natural hair” community. I’ve watched videos where someone is trimming their ends and everyone in the comment section is falling over and fainting. LOL!

What I have learned is everyone has different methods on how to trim ends. There are some who trim monthly, some who trim twice a year, some once a year, and some not at all. I think it depends on the health of your hair and also what you like as far as appearance.

Why do I trim?
I trim because my hair breaks when the ends are split and damaged.  It is hard for me to retain length without healthy ends.

How often do I trim?
I usually trim about every six months, usually twice a year.

How do you know your ends need trimming?
I usually know my ends need trimming when they feel rough and dry even when I am consistently moisturizing.  Also, when I lightly rub my fingers down my ends and they shed or break.

How much do I trim?
I usually trim about an ½ – 2 inches of hair. It really depends on what my ends look and feel like

What do I use to trim?
I trim with hair shears. Shears are usually a lot sharper than regular scissors that can sometimes be dull. Dull scissors will fold and gnaw at the ends of your hair causing more damage.

How do I trim?
What I like to do is put my hair into medium sized two strand twist all over my head. I take each twist individually and trim off as much hair as needed.  I repeat these steps until all two strand twist have been trimmed. This is a method that is easy for me, and I’ve done myself since being natural.  I don’t blow dry or flat iron my hair specifically to trim my ends. I have also trimmed my ends on wet hair. I prefer dry stretched hair.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this helps someone!

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2 thoughts on “Trimming My Natural Hair

  1. Thanks and you’re very pretty

  2. I believe trimming is a big help for our hair to grow. It eliminates those dry, dull and damaged ends! Thanks!

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