Simple Ponytail With Banana Clip – Hairstyle

Simple Ponytail Wth Banana Clip On My Natural Hair

This hairstyle can be done on straight or curly medium to long hair. Remember have fun and be creative. Results vary!

Photos Of This Hairstyle:

In this video my hair is flat ironed. This is from my one and only flat iron I did in December 2012. Video Here:

The curls were from an old stretched out flexi rod set I did on my flat ironed hair. Video Here:

Bunning Method:

I can’t remember exactly where I got my banana clip from. I believe it was from Walgreens or CVS.  It is a really hard banana clip. It is not like the little flimsy ones!  It is big enough to fit my hair. I am not able to wear the smaller ones.  I have had this clip for about two years. LOL! I think the Scunci banana clip is the exact one or at least similar. You can do a Google search to find a place you would like to purchase.

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Short To Medium Hairstyles:

“Easy Natural Hair”
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