My Hair Goals For 2013

"Natural Hair" blow out

This year I will focus more on low manipulation styling. Low manipulation and protective styling has always been a part of my regimen, but mostly wearing two strand twists. This year I will be working a lot more with my loose hair.

My normal regimen is blowing out once a month, so  I will continue with that this year.  Usually my blow outs only last for about a few days, and then I would have to do a twist out, braid out, etc. I would also sometimes just twist my hair up.  Now, I’ve been able to make my blow outs last a lot longer, without twisting or braiding. I really took a few tips from my first flat iron. I was able to keep my hair straight for two weeks with my first flat iron by bunning etc. So, I basically took those same methods and used them for my blown out hair.

*Bunning Method*

Length Goals

This year I will not be focused on length. I reached my length goal of waist length in 2012, and now I want to focus on sharing the information on how I was able to achieve that.  It has been amazing and I still can’t believe that this is really my hair. I want others to feel the same way and achieve their hair goals for 2013.

*Length Check – Reaching Waist Length*

What are your hair goals for 2013?

“Easy Natural Hair”
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4 thoughts on “My Hair Goals For 2013

Add yours

  1. Hi Alicia, congratulation for you! I am in Portugal and i speak portuguese so becouse that my ingles is bad. I want só much to have a health and long hair. My hair is short, so i want to know how i can make it grows?

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for checking my blog out!
    The hair is always growing unless their is an existing medical condition. The key is retaining the length. A lot of times we don’t realize how much our hair is growing, because the ends are breaking off so fast, we don’t get to see any change in our length.
    There are several things that work for different people when it comes to retaining length.
    I have found that my hair loves moisture. Consistent deep conditioning/hot oil treatments. Also, my hair loves low manipulation and protective styling.
    You have to really experiment with your hair a little to find those things that get your hair to respond.
    If you want to know a little more about things I do and my hair regimen you can click the link below. I hope some of this information helps get you started. 🙂

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