My Relaxed Hair Before My Transition To Natural Hair

Relaxed To Natural Hair

I love to show this video, because it takes me back to those times when I was just fed up with my hair. I could never achieve long hair during my relaxed days. My hair was thin, brittle, and broke off easily. I really wanted to have healthy long hair. When I decided to stop relaxing my hair, I had no idea I was going natural. I did not know I would have this new texture to deal with, I didn’t know anything. The only thing I was sure about was that I did not need to put anymore relaxers on my hair. My hair was literally falling out of my head. When I was pregnant with my daughter my hair was so bad. I cut it off into a style similar to Halle Berry. My hair was growing back, but it was short, stringy, and un healthy. I finally was fed up! During my transition my hair finally started growing! I was so happy to see my hair grow! Then after my big chop, my hair took off! I am still amazed at the length I have achieved. I never thought I could or would have waist length hair.

I hope this encourages you to continue with your journey!

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4 thoughts on “My Relaxed Hair Before My Transition To Natural Hair

  1. Hello! I love your hair! 😀 Nice and healthy! I have shoulder length 4a-4b hair, but recently Ive been getting into bob like styles with my bantu knots and twist outs( Thats the best I can describe it lol. Its almost like a loose bob that just grazes my jawline) Do you happen to know of any way to get a more defined bob like twist out by any chance? Or a way to get a tight twist out that I can manipulate into a bob like style?

    Thank you! ❤

  2. Flat twisting can give you the look that you are going for. When my hair was shorter I had the most gorgeous bob hairstyle from a flat twist out. The longer you can leave th twist in the better the definition will be also. 😉

  3. hi whats your hair type if u dont mind me asking, it looks a little like mine in some photos then in others it looks more curly i guess especially in the photos where your hair is wet. I am currently transitioning gonna big chop soon looking for a hair regimen for inspiration 🙂 i love ur vidoes!

  4. 4a/4b My hair is naturally curly/coily

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