Hair Of The Day – Natural Hair

Day 10 Straightened Natural Hair Day 10 Straightened Natural Hair

Working on my second week with my flat ironed hair. Obviously at this point it looks just blown out. I don’t really mind, because I didn’t straighten in bone straight anyways. I put some soft curls in my hair with big bantu knots. I have not added anymore heat to my hair. I have been doing ponytails also. I really enjoyed the straight hair. I have to say it was fuuuuun! I have been maintain my hair at night with about four bantu knots or I use the bunning method.

*Bunning Method*

“Easy Natural Hair”
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  1. I was going for three weeks, but I am just fighting the urge to wash this weekend, which will be two weeks. We will see how it goes. I really want to go a third week. It’s been fine, because at this point, I am keeping the hair lightly curled with bantu knots, and I am moisturizing and sealing every 2-3 days. 🙂

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