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  1. I am in the awkward stage of the journey. I am two years natural, and my hair is six inches long in most places. I am getting frustrated. On top of that I did a porosity test, and my hair is highly porous.
    Does high porosity mean that my hair is damaged? Should I start over with a second big chop? Did you ever get frustrated with your hair around the two year mark?


  2. Hi! Yes, I know the “akward” stage! High porosity does not mean that your hair is damaged. You do not need to start over with your hair. High porosity is just the way your hair absorbs water. This is some great info to have, because now you can develop a routine and products to keep the moisture in your hair. First, I suggest a good protein treatment. High porosity hair soaks up moisture, and the hair dries easily. Also, the hair cuticles stand up, making it easier to damage the hair and also making it easier for that water to sneak out. Protein treatments can lay those cuticles down for you and help to hold more moisture in. Deep conditioning and oil treatments would also be a nice thing for the hair. See if some of this helps you along the way.
    Also, you can do this….I know you are frustrated, but I’ve been there and now four years in….I can’t imagine if I would have quit. (I almost did, bought the relaxer and everything). I say that so that you understand lots of ladies have felt the same way. The road gets a little bumpy, but that reward at the end is so worth it.

    You can do iiiiit!
    Let me know how things are going from time to time. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much! You have really motivated me to continue this journey!!!!! I will incorporate a protein treatment into my regimen.

    Thanks again!!!!!!!!

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