Hair Of The Day – “Natural Hairstyles”

"Natural Hairstyles" "Natural Hair" - Super stretched twist out

Twist out from small twist that I wore for a week and a half. I use the bunning method to stretch my hair. Naptural85 showed this in one of her videos!


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  1. hey alicia! i love that hair style, i have shrinkage and my hair is 3 months post big Chop so i cant do bun to strech it! anyway you keep me motivated . I ‘m following you from ivory coast, it’s in west africa, we dont have the same and good products here as in your country, and i’m a new nappy! i have not yet the age to buy online products so it’s a bit complicated. i love my natural hair but i want advices to keep my hair moisturized! my big problems are that my hair dont keep the moisture for long time even if i seal it and shrinkage.please i need some help, i know that i should condition, deep condition, do masks, with honey, olive oil, vegetable oils, i do hot oil treatment, i deep condition, but my hair is till dry after 2hours of moisture i would be glad if you can help. ^^ i did my 1rst trial of twist on my TWA you can see it on ” ” it’s my blog! i love u. you are beautiful you inspire me very much and i want to say thank you for that.
    sorry for being long and for my poor english. we speak french here. kiss

  2. Hi!
    It sounds like you are going in the right direction with your hair care. You are so new into the process, do not become discouraged. This is pretty much the trial stage. You are finding what things work and what things do not work for your hair. It sounds like your hair is getting plenty of moisture. As long as you are moisturizing and conditioning your hair consistently you should be fine. Sometimes it takes our hair time to respond to the new hair care regimen. My hair looked really dry, before I started consistently moisturizing and deep conditioning. It took about a year for my hair to look healthy and have a nice natural shine.
    Don’t give up on what you are doing…give it a little more time to work. If after more months or once you are a year natural things are not looking good…switch it up. 🙂 I looked at our blog…you are beautiful! Muah!

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