Wash and Go “Natural Hair” – Updated November 2012

Wash and Go Natural Hair

First thing I do is make sure my hair is clean and thoroughly detangled. I finger detangle my hair in the shower with conditioner. The water from the shower runs through the hair and makes it easier to get knots and tangles out. Detangling is one of the most important steps when preparing for a wash and go with my tightly coiled hair. If I have tangles in my hair before adding product, it causes me to have more tangles when it is time to wash again.

After detangling my hair, I add my leave in conditioner. I am currently using Giovanni Leave in conditioner. I add about a teaspoon of glycerin to my leave in. I live in Houston, so it is usually pretty humid.

I massage my leave in throughout my entire head. I finger comb it through. Some people like to take small sections and apply the product, but that is way too time consuming of a process for my lifestyle.  Make sure that the product covers each strand, this will minimize tangles. Any hair without product may become frizzy and tangle much easier.

After I apply m leave in, that is the final step, unless you want to add gel. Sometimes I use gel, but I prefer conditioner only. The gel will clump the curls together better. The eco styler leaves the hair a little hard, but after it is dry, you can add a little oil on top of the hair to soften it up.

I wrap a t shirt around my hair to dry faster. This is better than a towel, less frizz. I leave my shirt on for 15-30 minutes depending on what I am doing. You can leave it on while you are doing make up, etc.

Take the t shirt off, shake your hair and go.

This is how I do my wash and go.

Most people with tight coils like me are afraid of the wash and go, because tangles can be scary. I’ve battled wash and gos because of that reason. I’ve been wearing nothing but wash and gos for about three weeks. The key for my hair is making sure the hair is fully detangled before styling, and product. Product is not key for growing hair, but it is key for styling. Find the right product for your wash and gos, and make sure to apply it thoroughly.


4 thoughts on “Wash and Go “Natural Hair” – Updated November 2012

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  1. I would consider it both! It’s pretty kinky, but I have visible curls. I have been slowly moving away from using the hair typing system, because it confuses my readers/viewers. I do understand it helps when you are trying to figure out your hair though. 🙂

  2. I have a lot of knots (seems every single hair. lol), split ends, ( I just cut about 2cm last month) and my hair tangles a lot. I am scare to use product because I have a very sensitive scalp from a previous chemical burn. But I do have a lot of oil (olive, avocado, apricot, castor, sweet almond) but I feel that I do not have a good result and I never see my curls bouncing and hang down like yours. I am getting discouraged.

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