“Natural Hairstyles” – My 10 Winter Protective Styles

"Natural Hair" MY 10 Winter Protective Hairstyles

Hi everyone, it’s Alicia and I am doing a really quick video on my favorite winter protective hairstyles. A little bit about my winter regimen it is the same as the rest of the year. I don’t really do anything different. I live in Houston. It doesn’t get really cold here. During this time it can go all the way down to the 50s and under and then the next day I will be in shorts.

So, let’s go through my favorite styles. Here on Youtube I have created so many different hairstyles. So, what I have done is compiled a bunch of the styles I have done in the past.

Some of these styles were done on blown out hair, stretched hair, curly hair; you can do them however you like.

The first hairstyle is the hair bow updo. This was a cute hairstyle that I saw on Paris Hilton. I did this hairstyle with my two strand twist, but it can also be done on loose hair. It is a really simple and fun hairstyle.

The next hairstyle is an elegant simple updo. It is a really nice style that you can wear to dinner or a nice event including a wedding or you can make it fun and wear it casual. It is still nice and will give you a beautiful look.

The next style is the big bun with my loose two strand twist. I love wearing the loose twist over the regular two strands, because you get a fuller look. We already know the bun is something that can be done with loose hair.

Another style with my loose two strand twist is this really fun and funky updo. This is one of those hairstyles where I was just experimenting with my hair, and trying to create a new hairstyle.  That is the great thing about hair. You can just have fun with it. Play around with your hair to create really fun but nice hairstyles.

This next style was created by Draya from the first season of Basketball Wives.  It was really cute on her, so I had to try it. I did this style while wearing two strand twists. It’s simple and it’s cute.

Next is the side bun, one of my favorite updos that I have ever done. You can call it a French twist, it looks very similar. It’s a beautiful hairstyle, simple to do with a banana clip and a few hair pins.

Another style is what I like to call, the tuck it in hairstyle. It almost looks like it is something that is complex, but it is very simple. It has a very nice and conservative look, but I think it is also something you can make casual.

Also, the Angelina Jolie Golden Globe Look.  It was really beautiful on her. I saw it on her, and I had to try it. You can dress it up or dress it down. I always like to try styles that I can wear anywhere. That’s what keeps it fun, doing the hairstyle that fits you or that fits your lifestyle.

One of my go to hairstyles….. the high bun with the banana clip. If you have been subscribed to me for a while, you know the banana clip is my best friend. I have had the same one for over two years. You can create so many hairstyles with the banana clip. I always get the question, where did I get my clip from, I believe CVS or Walgreens.  It’s not the little thin flimsy ones, it is nice and thick.

My last hairstyle is the sort of messy bun. When I uploaded this hairstyle video, I uploaded it as a messy bun, because I didn’t really try to create a clean look. I just threw it up in a ponytail and threw some pins in it. So, that is why I called it a messy bun, but It still has a neat look to it.

You can click on each video to watch the complete demo of how I do that hairstyle.

Thank you!

Quick and easy tips on growing and maintaining natural hair!

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