“Natural Hair” Hair Of The Day – Coily Hair

Wash and Go With Giovanni Leave In and Eco Styler Gel


8 thoughts on ““Natural Hair” Hair Of The Day – Coily Hair

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  1. i love your hair!! you are so talented! i found your videos on youtube and realized that I wanted to go all natural as well! you are such an inspiration to me! Thank You for being awesome!

  2. Im definatly a Lover of Your Video’s we kind of have the same hair texture.4 years ago i had a big Cut because of al the flat-ironing i wanted to get rid of my straight ends since my big cut i have been growing my hair by weaving it because i also deal with mayor shrinking i wasn’t planning to stay completely natural until i reached my desired lenght 0_O but my hair reaches my back when i stretch it and how much my husband compliments me for my hair i still thought it was too short(because of all the shrinking but after seeing you’re video’s i also decited to embrace my beautiful hair because its a blessing to have beautiful hair! Thank U for being an inspiration God bless you!* X!

  3. Wow! Thank you very much! Shrinkage is a part of the journey! It can be irritating sometimes when you spend so much time making your hair healthy and long. Just remember you can always stretch it out. Just think of it this way…short hair one day and long hair the next. It’s always fun when you step out with your long hair….and everyone is like WOW! That’s all of yours! LOL!

  4. SERIOUSLY I LOVE YOUR WASH AND GO’S. I have to say it is the only hairstyle by far that I am looking forward to once my hair grows out. No growing it out and stuck on croche braids and wigs for now. Thank you for being an inspiration:-)

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