Loose Twist on “Natural Hair”


20 thoughts on “Loose Twist on “Natural Hair”

  1. unrelated to your hair…sorry but what type of foundation do you use? Will you ever do a video of your make up routine (if you haven’t done one yet).

  2. Not sure, I don’t really do much as far as make up! I’m just a beginner. I’ve experimented in the past, but less is better for me. I use Iman pressed powder on my face, no foundation. 🙂

  3. I answer ALL questions that I get if I see them. I just saw your question. It takes me days to answer my questions. I get hundreds of questions throughout the week literally. It takes time to get to everyone! 🙂

  4. im Loving your hair i been natural for 1year and 2months i so love it im still learning how to do hair styles and liking them i been do weaves,braids and ponytails for so long…

  5. You’re such an inspiration! The promotion of Natural beauty is very important. We as women, need to learn to love and embrace ourselves at all times! Thanks for being a voice (a beautiful voice I might add 😉 lol) Oh, I love those earrings! Do you know when there will be more available?

  6. Your welcome! The website says that they are sold out. Is there any other place where I can possibly order a pair?

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