Hair Of The Day – Soft No Heat Curls On Two Strand Twist

Decided to add some curls to my twist.

I did about 5 bantu knots last night, and then took them down this morning. I did them bigger, so that the curls would be loose.:)


3 thoughts on “Hair Of The Day – Soft No Heat Curls On Two Strand Twist

  1. LATONYA BROWNING July 16, 2012 — 10:15 pm


  2. Alicia i love your hair. Can you give some hair grow tips,
    My hair has been natural for a while but there has not been much growth.

  3. Hi! The funny thing about our hair is different methods work or don’t work for different people. I share tips based on my research and my personal experience. #1 Sometimes we think our hair isn’t growing or we’re not retaining length, but most of the time we are. Our hair grows on average 6 inches a year. Most of us only retain 3-4 inches of that a year. It starts with having the right expectations. #2 Having a consistent regimen. How often to wash, moisturize, styling, etc. I attribute my length retention to consistent moisturizing, deep conditioning, low manipulation and protective styling.

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