Hair Bow Hairstyle With Twist – Inspired by: Paris Hilton

I pull all of my hair up to the top of my head. I use my Goody band to secure my ponytail. I take s small section of hair to wrap around the ponytail holder to conceal it. Pin in place with hair pins. Don’t forget to leave a small front section out to form the middle of the bow. Note: The section that you are wrapping the ponytail holder with does not need to be wrapped around the front pieces that you will be using for the middle of the bow. This will mess up the shape. Okay, divide the ponytail into two sections (leaving out the front section). Fold each section back to form the shape of a bow, pin the hair in place with hair pins. Now, take the front pieces, fold it back between the two folds, and pin in place. There goes your bow!  🙂

The twists in this video are a few days old. I will be keeping my twist in for at least a month. I don’t wash my hair while wearing twist, it causes unnecessary tangles. I do workout, but I don’t really have any issues with dry or itchy scalp. I sometimes use my extra virgin olive to massage and rub my scalp. If you want to cleanse your hair, there are certain types of dry shampoo. This will help you to maintain your twist a little longer.

It took me 5/5 hours to complete the twist I am wearing in this video. It usually takes me less than half that time to take them down. My hair was blown out before I did my twist! I blow out every once 1-2 months if that. I love blown out hair. I keep them in for at least 4 weeks. If I am wearing loose twist, they only last for about 2 weeks. So, I refresh them after two weeks, without a wash, and go for about 2 more weeks.

I don’t take any hair growth vitamins! I attribute my hair growth to a consistent regimen, low manipulation styling, and just tender loving care! 🙂 Muah!

Maintaining twist:

Moisturizing twist:

How I twist:

How to take down:

I have been natural for nearly 4 years.  It will be 4 years September 2012. If you would like to know more about my hair growth journey, please click link here:


4 thoughts on “Hair Bow Hairstyle With Twist – Inspired by: Paris Hilton

  1. WOWWWW girl you have to have some hair to pull this off! lol.

  2. This is so cute!!

  3. Hi Alicia,
    I really like your hair. I’ve had locks for the past five yrs now. Going natural was the best path I could’ve taken. I took note of the Cantu and EVVO you use. What recommendations can you give for growing natural hair on a year old baby girl forward? Shampoo, conditioner, oils, maintenance.? Thanks so much!

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