My Bun

This is from a couple of days ago, right before I did my hot oil treatment. 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Bun

  1. Hey, Alicia. I’m subscribed to your youtube channel. I love your videos. I just watched the one on your hot oil treatments. You seem to do blow outs with some frequency. I grew up with pressing my hair. I also had a perm for a few years. I got interested in wearing my hair in its natural state primarily because I wanted to learn how to work with my hair without using heat or perms. As a result of my three years without heat and the wealth of information I’ve learned from you and others in the natural hair community, I’ve learned a great deal about caring for my hair. My hair is the longest its been in my adult years. I love my natural but I would like to minimize the time it takes to detangle. So, I was just wondering if you find you have fewer problems with knots and tangles when you do blow outs.

  2. This is very simple and cute!!!!=)

  3. Hi! I blow out once every 1-2 months. I really like blowouts, because my hair seems easier to manage. I do have less tangles! I am currently doing the curly girl method, so I’m learning how to wear my hair in it’s natural state more often with less tangles, etc. So far it’s going great! If you trust the heat, and you think you’re hair can handle it, I say go for it! I love blowouts! 🙂

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