Braces Update & My New Lips!


So,  I got my braces tightened over a month ago. The lady said that she was going to be doing them really tight, because they wanted to see movement.

I can say that she definitely did them tight!!! OOOooouuuch!

I’m not complaining, because I am extra excited that I am starting to see changes already! My overbite is going in a little, which is now making my top lip appear bigger! I looooove it! It feels great to have a top lip!!!! LOL! I know that seems small, but it’s big for me!

So, yeah….that is my update, and I’m more and more excited about my braces. I have no regrets!



5 thoughts on “Braces Update & My New Lips!

  1. lol I love it! I was thinking about getting my over bite corrected. You are inspirational to me the world needs more people like you Alicia . I am five months transitioning and I cant wait to achieve your hair length! Stay Blessed.

    Bianca 🙂

  2. Ivanah Alexandre June 25, 2012 — 8:08 pm

    hey im only 12 and i got pink braces…2 days ago!!!! My teeth and my lips really hurt!!! I HAVEN’T ATE ANYTHING ,BUT SOUP AND WATER!!! I kind of like my braces though becuase they look cool and I just noticed most of myy friends have braces!!! LOL!!! Anyway can you help me…what did you do to get over your teeth pain!!! HELP!!!!!! thank you!

  3. Hey! What I do is just try to chew more! You can try chewing on bread. After a few days of working the teeth and gums, you will notice a difference. It will always feel kind of awkward though, but you get use to it. Remember that every time you get your wires tightened, it will be sore all over again! It is definitely worth it though. 🙂

  4. Congrats on getting braces! I’m a new subscriber to your channel.I love your hair tutorials! I stopped perming my hair in ’06, but since then have worn it straight. I have finally decided to embrace my curls, and try really really hard not to use heat on my hair. I too have started the braces journey (March ’12). Boy has this been a journey! ((painful)) but worth it!

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