Stitches Out!


So.. today I got my stitches out from my 8 extractions!

My experience from my extractions was so horrible, I honestly did not want anyone near my mouth again. LOL! It wasn’t so bad though. It hurt just a little when they pulled them out. I expected it, because it is still slightly sore. I am able to chew a little more, and was really excited to eat a muffin at Starbucks today! Yaaaay!

Next week, I will update you guys on getting my wires back in. I have an appointment set for Tuesday.


3 thoughts on “Stitches Out!

  1. i am in the same situation as you. 4 wisdom tooth + 4 Pre-molar extraction. Just that i would be extracting 8 at a time. Don’t know if it’s a wise idea? My appointment is in July. Hope you could enjoy you food soon! Cheers

  2. Thanks for the braces journey. I want braces so bad…hopefully I can get them soon. So you have clear braces? Why did you choose those instead of invisalign (I’m thinking I’m not doing invisalign too but I was just curious about your reason)? Are you going to do more blogs about your braces?

  3. Yes, I will be doing more blogs about my braces!
    Orthodontist really do not praisethe invisalign, it actually seems they have a lack of respect for them. Taking that into account I decided to go with regular braces. 🙂 I am excited about my braces, it takes time getting use to, but I can already see the small changes. You should definitely go for it.:)

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