Moisturizing My Hair While Wearing Two Strand Twist

I moisturize my two strand twist every 2-3 days. I put them in a bun to eep them stretched out. I have another method that I use with braids to keep the twist stretched out also. Please see links below. If I am wearing mini two strands, I usually keep them in for 3-4 wees. If I am wearing bigger twist 1-2 weeks. I do not wash my hair when wearing twist, it tangles really bad. I use Cantu Shea Butter when doing my twist, and also apply a little to my ends to curl them a little. I don’t always blow out my hair for twist, I use different methods to stretch the hair.

Protective styling for me is fun, I have many hairstyles when wearing two strands, check out links below. πŸ™‚

I have been natural for over 3 years. To find out info on how I grew my hair our or my regimen, please see links below!

“Love Me So Naturally” Music Video

All About MY Two Strand Twist

Hairstyle Videos

Regimen Videos

Hair Growth Videos

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2 thoughts on “Moisturizing My Hair While Wearing Two Strand Twist

  1. Hi Alicia! I absolutely love your Youtube channel and blog. It\’s been a huge help to me as I \’date\’ my hair and figure out how to love these curls, coils, and kinks of mine. I do have a question about moisturizing. I\’m learning that moisture for naturals means water, but it seems like whenever I spritz my hair with water during the week my hair ends up drier, feeling like a Brillo pad! I\’m not sure what I\’m doing wrong. Am I suppose to mix the water with something? Is moisturizing really just water? Any help will be helpful!! Thanks!

  2. Hi! Yes moisturizing with water is very important, but the most important piece along with that is sealing in the water. You need an oil, shea butter, butter or some kind of product to seal in that moisture. You also do not have to spritz your hair every day. Adding water to your hair can become a weekly thing if you need to. If you feel your hair is dry moisturize it, if not, you can wait. πŸ˜‰

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