Hairstyle – Making A Flower With Your Hair! (Quick & Easy)

This hairstyle was done on old blown out hair. My hair was shrunken by this time. I got the curls from an old bantu knot out. Check for link below.  Some of my styles are done on blown out hair. I have really tight curls, and I find that doing styles are stretched out hair is easier. I prefer my hair stretched or blown out when styling. There are other methods besides blow drying that I use to stretch my hair. I use the banding method. I stretch with twistouts or bantu knots. I also stretch with one ponytail and a braid. 🙂 So many different things you can do.  This style is very simple. You can twist or braid your hair, then just wrap it around, and pin it together. I have been natural for over 3 years. To find out info on how I grew my hair our or my regimen, please see links below!

Bantu Knot Out Demo:

“Love Me So Naturally” Music Video
Hairstyle Videos

Regimen Videos

Hair Growth Videos

How I Get My Big Hair – Part 2 Video


1 thought on “Hairstyle – Making A Flower With Your Hair! (Quick & Easy)

  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

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