Is My Child Even Listening To Me????

You know…. I have to laugh at myself. The hubby and I, we have the most serious conversations with my son, giving him life lessons, tools that he will use when he is an adult. You can see that he only partially understands, but I will never stop talking to my child, because he’s only getting older and eventually, he will understand. This will be the moment when he says….Mother, YOU WERE RIGHT!

As a parent you can’t ever predict your kids behavior. Once they’re at a certain age, they do begin making certain decisions without you. Decisions like…am I going to do my work in school today? Am I going to talk to my best friend in class today, and not take my notes. Am I going to act crazy and talk loud on the school bus?  These are pretty big decisions, that can actually affect their future! Who knew that an 11 year old had to make life changing decisions?!!!  You are not there to watch them and stand over them. The best that you can do, is give them the right tools, make sure they understand the consequences. So, when they do make that decision good or bad, you’ll be waiting. If you decide to talk to you best friend during class, and you don’t get your classwork done…. You owe me! You’re going to give up something that you cherish, game, clothes, favorite shoes. You’re also going to have some extra chores. (whatever method you like to use) If you decide, to be quiet on the bus, and behave as you were taught…I’ll be waiting, what would you like? A new game for your WII, go to the movies, do a fun activity?

The whole point of this rambling is….. eventually our kids get to the age where they hear what we are saying, but sometimes they just don’t listen. Just know that you lose them if you give up and you stop talking, if you stop teaching….

They may not be listening now, but they’ll atleast be able to rewind what you were saying a few years down the line…..WHEN THEY’RE 30! LOL! (Just kidding…I HOPE)


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