How I Get My Big Hair – Part 2

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How I Get My Big Hair – Part 1:

I have an old video where I am showing one way that I get my big hair. Here is another method that I use. Tips: be light on the products that you use. The less product you use, the bigger the hair. I put my hair into four bantu knots and then take them down in the morning. I two strand my hair before doing the knots. I apply a little oil to my for shine during the take down. I don’t mind a little frizz, it makes the big hair a little more fun! The bigger the knots, the bigger the hair. If you make smaller knots they will be more defined, and the hair may not be as big as you want it. 🙂 This was done on one week old blown out hair. My hair usually shrinks up pretty fast after a blowout, so this is another reason I love to do this style. You do not have to blow your hair out. You can stretch using any of your favorite methods. 🙂 I blow out my hair once every 2-3 months if that. 🙂

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Music in video:
Love me so naturally
original music by me (Alicia James)
more music at

Software I’m using: Sony Vegas Movie Studio

Camera: Canon 550d


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