– Worksheets For Your Kiddos!

So, I always have my kids practicing on something. I just feel like these days most kids like to play the WII all day, and they would rather not have to hear anything about school, BUUUUUT….At my house, you have to earn WII time!

I don’t mind you having fun, and playing the WII on the weekend, but you have to earn that time. The activity I am about to share can be done on the weekend and/or after school.

I always look for really good worksheets to print out, so that they can practice on the some of the skills that they are struggling on that week. If they don’t have items that they are struggling on, we tackle the new things that were introduced to them in class for that week. Either way it is plenty of work to be done! 🙂 I usually use, but they just started charging for their worksheets, soooo ……..

I found, they have some GREAT worksheets. The site is really organized, there are games, activities, information. Everything is easy to find, you can sort by grade, subjects, etc. I promise moms and dads, you will LOVE it! 🙂




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