Acne Free Severe – Skin Care DAY 5

Alright…. So this is the time where it all usually goes wrong. When I find something that works great for my face, it works for about five days. So… how is it going with the Acne Free Severe??? Well, it looks good, but I can tell my skin wants to rebel. I noticed when I woke up this morning I had a small pimple. Don’t give up all hope yet, it was pretty dried up, so it really didn’t reach it’s full potential! LOL! I also noticed my face seems a little itchy. It’s not like it normally is, but I can feel it’s a little irritated. I have noticed that it only feels like that when I wear make up. So… this may be another issue. So… no bad breakouts yet. It seems that we’re surviving so far. 🙂



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